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No Charge for Initial Consult:  All proposed charges or fees will be made known in advance of performing any service that is billable.


no charge for initial telephone consult

Call Toll free:  1-866-626-1716



Consulting: $200.00 / day plus expenses and travel or $25.00 / hr plus expenses and travel


Court Appearances and Preparation: $500.00 / day



No Consulting Charges Apply if Water Tests are Ordered


To Date Our Clients Have Included:

Law Firms

Municipal and Public Water Treatment Systems

Private Water Treatment Systems

Private Individuals and families

Swimming Pool Installation and Maintenance Companies

Hot Tub Installation and Maintenance Companies

Engineering Firms

Certified Water Analysis Laboratories

Manufacturers of Water Treatment Filters

Manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis Systems

International Water Treatment Device Manufacturers and Installers

Manufacturers of Siding and Exterior Surface Samples

Construction Contractors and Developers

Real Estate Companies


Contractors: we are certified to perform turbidity testing and for a limited time will perform individual tests for $50.00 each, plus expenses (if there are any- cost of site visit and collecting samples. Ask for quote).


Many other tests are available. If you need a test, which is not described below, please contact us toll free at 1-866-626-1716, we probably have it available.



North Georgia's Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals


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