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Salmonella has been spread on salad bars causing many to get sick and such a dramatic loss of  business for affected establishments that they had to close....


Bioterrorists see this activity as an opportunity, and even if we did not need to be concerned about this new threat, accidental backwash (which happens regardless of safeguards to prevent it) will deliver part of the contents of the truck into our water system. Disease causing bacteria grow in tanker trucks like this even when proper precautions are taken. If you don't believe it, ask for a sample of water from any truck you see and analyze it for the presence of bacteria. Worse yet, if someone wanted to, they could grow bacteria in, or load toxic chemicals into a truck just like this, and intentionally deliver it into any water supply where this practice is allowed. Do you want to wait until something happens to someone in our community, or do you believe it would be wise  to stop this kind of activity before we have a tragedy?

Is this person (and there is one behind the truck) removing water from our county water lines or pumping something into them? We observed them connecting their hoses directly to the fire hydrants.

We have observed this activity being done by others, besides the one pictured here, but worse yet we have seen at least 6 occasions over the last year where private landscaping companies were filling tanks containing pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers on our street between us and our water supplier. It seems that anyone with a fire hose can connect to the system and take water. If toxic substances did backwash into the system, people could become ill or die, and because water is constantly flushed through the system there would be virtually no evidence of where it came from. These are real threats, and experts say the most vulnerable part of any any system is the water distribution network, where anyone can access the system to contaminate the water. If practices like this are forbidden (as they are in most places by laws) then the sight of someone doing it would arouse suspicion so the incident could be investigated immediately, and possibly prevent a tragedy before anyone became ill.

If these people are experts in water delivery, then they should know the hazards and avoid these practices. If not, they should not be allowed to connect to the system. Being a good neighbor, does not require that we allow unsafe practices. In fact, my good neighbors avoid practices that could potentially harm me and my children, and I THANK THEM!!!


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