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The following is a MUST-DO ANNUALLY test!!!

This is THE  test that the EPA recommends private well owners do annually.

$45.00 for Coliform bacteria and E. coli bacteria test. $65.00 for result in 24 hrs.

Samples collected every day except Sunday

Call Now: 706-892-6036 or email 

only $45.00

Rush: $65.00 (24 hours from arrival at lab)


OR: fill an 8 or 16 oz. distilled water bottle and send it to us for a coliform test and E. coli test (will tell you if contamination by Giardia or Cryptosporidium is likely), and limited chemical tests (pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Electrical Conductivity and Temp.)

Only $105.00

 Is your pond safe for your children to swim in?
Only $100.00 for Coliform Enumeration of Environmental Samples (ex ponds, streams, rain water) plus $15.00 for Overnight Results 

Test Your Spa / Whirlpool / Jacuzzi / for Pseudomonas aeruginosa - causes skin disease, itching, and "swimmers ear"

Public Swimming Areas Are CLOSED when coliform values rise above 200 Coliforms / 100 milliliters

and E. Coli, fecal Coliforms, non-fecal Coliforms - can cause diarrhea, or be "flesh eating", or cause organ failure and death
Do this before you let your children in the water - they are particularly susceptible

For Only $100.00 for Each Test


MRSA (Methycilin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) has now moved from hospitals to the outdoor environment and is a deadly microorganism that is often passed on through water and small cuts or abrasions. Infections are often fatal if left untreated. We have testing available for this organism as well. Please request it by email to



Shock Chlorination of Wells

Fee: $190.00 and we supply everything - job usually takes 2 days

additional $25/hour ONLY if circumstances require additional time or materials

Within 25 Miles of Cleveland, GA. Greater distance incurs travel fee based on distance

$190.00   Chlorine Shock
Well or Jaccuzzi

We Will Need Access to Well and House to Perform the Shock Chlorination


$139.00 Annual EPA Panel

Includes ALL the tests the US EPA recommends to be done annually for ALL private water supplies including wells.


Includes tests for Coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, Basic mineral, toxic chemicals, Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids, Electrical Conductivity, pH, Iron and Nitrate analysis  -  and a microscopic examination by a professional, Ph.D. Microbiologist -


Local clients only: includes site visit, and inspection Plus Report of Inspection Findings and Remedies

all Clients receive lab reports and free consultation with Any purchase

ONLY $139.00
Add Arsenic Test for total of: $184.00  
Often found in Well Sediments in N.E. Georgia (data from most recent US Geological Survey and our own test results to date)


All Clients: Get telephone consults with a Ph.D. level Scientist (Credentials) and recommendations to enhance your drinking water safety and quality

For Mail-In Samples Only- add $89.00 for everything you need: including Sample Bottles, Instructions, Labels, Disinfectant, Preservatives, Pre-paid Mailer, Insulated Shipping Container, Blue Ice, and Round Trip S & H

Call Now: 706-892-6036

or email



$245.00 Extended EPA Panel: Pre-purchase / Pre-installation Testing

Includes site visit, inspection (or telephone interview & consult), Coliforms, E. coli; and all the following using the most accurate technology currently available:

Microscopic exam by a qualified professional microbiologist; Coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria; other bacteria if they become evident during testing / examination; Temperature; Conductivity (electrical conductivity); pH; Nitrate (NO3); Total Dissolved Solids (TDS); Color; Turbidity; Free Chlorine (Cl); Total Chlorine; Total Hardness; Total Alkalinity; Phosphorus (P); Potassium (K); Calcium (Ca); Magnesium (Mg); Manganese (Mn); Iron (Fe); Aluminum (Al); Boron (B); Copper (Cu); Zinc (Zn); Sodium (Na); Nitrogen (N); Chromium (Cr); Molybdenum (Mo); Chloride (Cl); Fluoride (Fl); Phosphate (PO4); Sulfate (SO4)

only $245.00
what is your family's health and safety worth?

Anyone who would advise you to install a softening or purification system without first doing this complete set of tests does not know his business!. Each of these parameters affects purification devices or water quality or both!!!.

These are strong words but we can back them up with good proof. Call or email us and we will explain why! Call now 706-892-6036 or email


And in addition, here is something you don't get anywhere else: our fee includes our unbiased help, based on your specific results, to design a purification / treatment / conditioning system that works for your specific needs. We will advise you on how to properly treat and purify your water and help you design the system you need, plus give you some ideas about where you can get what you need.

For Mail-In Samples Only- add $89.00 for everything you need: including Sample Bottles, Instructions, Labels, Disinfectant, Preservatives, Pre-paid Mailer, Insulated Shipping Container, Blue Ice, and Round Trip S & H


Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

ORP, or oxygen reduction potential, is a measure of how strongly the water oxidizes substances that are immersed in it. This includes disease causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The more positive the ORP, the more the water will inhibit microbial growth. For example, Bleach has a very highly positive ORP and therefore can actually kill microorganisms. Also, knowing the ORP is important when trying to install or use certain kinds of filters, because if the ORP is not within a certain range it can actually reduce or prevent a filter from working properly. So before you have a filtration system installed, get an ORP.


We perform an ORP test for only $60.00 if you request it.


Send Us Your Sample: How does it work?

so simple 

Just put the water in the bottles, the bottles in the box, and call FedEx or UPS

Pre-Purchase Tests Package / Kit... MMA Kit with sample bottles

Complete Mineral, Metals, Anion Pre-Purchase Testing and Purification Recommendations / System Design Recommendations: $258.00


Includes everything you will need: Instructions, Collection Bottles, Labels, Disinfectant, Preservatives, Pre-paid mailer, Insulated shipping container, Blue Ice, Round Trip S & H: $89.00

Tests Include: Microscopic exam by a qualified professional microbiologist; Temperature; Conductivity (electrical conductivity); pH; Nitrate (NO3); Total Dissolved Solids (TDS); Color; Turbidity; Free Chlorine (Cl); Total Chlorine; Total Hardness; Total Alkalinity; Phosphorus (P); Potassium (K); Calcium (Ca); Magnesium (Mg); Manganese (Mn); Iron (Fe); Aluminum (Al); Boron (B); Copper (Cu); Zinc (Zn); Sodium (Na); Cadmium (Cd); Nitrogen (N); Chromium (Cr); Molybdenum (Mo); Chloride (Cl); Fluoride (Fl); Phosphate (PO4); Sulfate (SO4);

Also Includes Coliform and E. coli testing

Please send me the MMA Kit with sampling bottles --->

Everything you need including RT shipping for $347.00


These are the tests you need to properly design a filtration / treatment system for your home. You get the testing, we will help you design the system!!!

This is much cheaper than installing a system you don't need or treating a single illness you could develop!!!

Call us NOW at 706-892-6036





10 Business Day Turnaround



$35 - $60 PER SPA / POOL

p.s. Coliforms are an excellent test for pool or spa to determine water safety!!! - see above


We are the only service we know of that, in addition to consulting for professionals in the industry, is designed specifically to help the public, individuals and families, who have no idea about water chemistry, microbiology, parasites, testing, or purification, through the process of identifying problems if they exist, interpreting and understanding their laboratory results, and finding the proper solutions to correct those problems. And that's all! We are not trying to sell you anything else, and we therefore have no inherent conflict of interest. We WILL tell you if your water is good and DOES NOT need any treatment!!!


all by a doctor in the field - not just a technician

If you already Have Water/Air Test Results - We Can Help Anyway!!!

$25.00 (see below to order-reduced for a limited time): If you already had your water tested and want to know if it needs purification or not, how to condition, treat, or purify it properly, do this --> Call now ( 706-892-6036) and ask us for "purification advice / recommendations". Let a professional who has a lot of experience and knowledge help you make the right decision before you buy something you don't need - like a water softener or filter!!

If you live within 20 miles of Cleveland, GA, we will come to your home, review your lab results with you, and tell you exactly what you need to do to purify your drinking water and even give you cost estimates so you will know how much you should be paying. If you prefer, we will do it over the telephone.

This service has saved some of our clients thousands of dollars.

Live farther away? Call anyway. For $25.00 we can do this by phone if you send a copy of your results to Dr. Essich at AWSA,  PO Box 3364, Cleveland, GA 30528.

Already had your water tested? That's OK. Email or Fax us your results and we will call or email you to provide you with

Analysis of lab results, explanation of lab results, recommendations for treatment, assistance in designing a system specific to your needs

Only $25.00 (for a limited time only)  to have a water treatment professional 

analyze your lab results, explain to you what they mean and tell you

1) whether or not you need to treat your water and 2) if so, what you need to do



click on buy now, complete the purchase, and call 706-892-6036 with your test results. Talk to Dr. Essich immediately after your payment is posted and he will answer any questions you have.

AND to have an unbiased professional, in the water /testing & treatment business, help you design your system.

then you can go to Home Depot, Ace Hardware, WalMart, Lowes or your plumber and tell them what you need instead of depending on them to tell you what they want to sell you.

Don't buy a system/filters you don't need - spend a little up front for good advice and independent tests - save a lot over the long run

Don't let a sales rep rush or bamboozle you. Ask for a copy of your lab / test results, send / fax / email ( or phone them in to us, and get an immediate independent analysis from us before making a decision.


Like this Web Site? Like our Services? Tell Your Friends. We Don't Advertise By Any Other Means



Don't Get Ripped Off!!!

send, or call us with your test results and we will tell you what you need

This is the most compelling reason why you should use our services as opposed to anyone else. WE are the first to turn this industry on its head. We charge you to tell you the right tests to do and how to fix any problems. We do NOT lure you with the promise of something for nothing, then tell you the results of our testing say you should buy something we sell (such as an expensive treatment system or softening system). Our approach completely removes the motivation to abuse a client's trust. You pay us to tell you what to test for, what it means, and what to do about it. We won't even try to sell you the testing!!! (We would prefer you use our services to test but we do NOT require that). Sometimes you will need to have more testing done - but you can have it done wherever you like, and we will tell you exactly what tests you need. We will do all this for just $45.00 no matter where you live.  Fax or email us your results. We get paid for our expertise, knowledge and experience, and you get accurate trustable information and can buy your testing and water treatment equipment at the lowest prices and at a vendor of your choice. A salesman's job is to sell you a product, our job is to sell you accurate information - so you can make the right decision!!!

PS. IF you can get all the tests we offer for less anywhere else, we will match their price!!!

ONLY $45.00 - GREAT DEAL!!!

If you live within 20 miles of Cleveland, Georgia

$45.00 for a Site Visit, Site Inspection, Well Inspection and On-Site Testing with immediate results and treatment / testing recommendations

Testing Includes: pH, Total Dissolved Solids; Electrical Conductivity; Odor; Temperature; Visual Inspection by Professional Microbiologist and immediate recommendations to insure safety of water source


Lots of folks don't know which tests they should ask for-we can tell you exactly what you need!!!

Call Now: 706-892-6036





If you are on a private water supply or well, the United States Government Environmental Protection Agency and your State Environmental Protection Division have recommended that you test your drinking water at least ONCE EACH YEAR!!!  Even for people with filtration systems installed. Will you ignore this advice, even if it only costs $98.00 per year, because you hear otherwise from a neighbor, uninformed local official or salesperson? Our information comes from experts with practical experience in the field, and they believe the EPA has recommended testing annually for good reasons... and our research has shown what they are. But please don't take our word for it. Learn more on this web site and the EPA's web site.


EPA Ground Water & Drinking Water Current Drinking Water Standards


PS. Most folks don't realize that their public / municipal drinking water supply is made from purified sewage that was dumped into their surface water source upstream from where they live!! What should you do to insure it's purity and safety?


Public Water System Monitoring:

They DO NOT monitor for any of tens of thousands of chemical compounds

Small water systems like White County (less than 2,500 people connected) are only required to monitor twice a month, and then only for coliforms

They monitor routinely for:

Turbidity, temperature, pH, chlorine, and nutrients AT THE PLANT


They do not monitor daily for virtually any of the EPA’s list of primary and secondary priority pollutants


NO small public water system or private system monitors for pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, solvents, organics, minerals, metals, nutrients, or substances other than those already identified unless someone has gotten ill or makes a strong case that the water may be contaminated


A system has to serve at least 25,000 people before it is required to do once a day coliform monitoring


NO well is monitored for any contaminants or pollutants unless the well owner requests it


NO small public water system is monitored for chemicals, minerals, or metals other than those that have been determined to be of special concern


No small public water system monitors more often than once a month unless special circumstances such as illness among users of the water suggest more frequent monitoring


Virtually no one monitors daily for arsenic, lead, copper, zinc, mercury, cadmium, or a host of other mineral or metal contaminants


NO Government Entity monitors daily at the point of use – after water has gone through the distribution system


Virtually NO Private entity monitors anything daily


The USEPA has identified over 200 compounds as priority pollutants. Virtually none of these are tested for in public water systems on a daily or continuous basis.


Of these pollutants, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium III, Chromium VI, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Zinc, and others have been shown to have both acute and CHRONIC health effects. Acute affects mean an individual will have symptoms very soon after consumption of the substance. Chronic means that even very small amounts ingested regularly over time will have adverse affects such as permanent liver damage, permanent brain damage, permanent kidney damage, or cancer, or other permanent adverse health effects, despite no immediate symptoms of consumption.

Call Now: 706-892-6036


Our information comes directly from the most trustworthy sources available. The Centers for Disease Control, University Researchers, Not for Profit Research Entities such as Consumer Report, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, The Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications, The United States Geological Survey, people in the industry itself, and numerous other reliable sources.


Test Your Own Water - Buy Your Own Water Monitor for $26.00 plus S&H

the PURITY Indicator Solution only for $7.38 plus S&H (~$2.50)
use only 2 drops per quart of water

Use this when camping to see if your filter is removing all the impurities in the water you filter - play it safe

New Filters are Expensive. You will save more far more by rejuvenating than by buying filters, and the indicator compound will tell you exactly when you need to replace the filter.

Comments? email

Note: The following is from American Water Services Web Site:

Some of the following information was prepared by the Environmental Protection Division
 to assist water utilities, professional landscape installers and the general public in complying with
 new changes to outdoor water use requirements announced by Governor Sonny Perdue
 on February 6, 2009.

Water Conservation Implementation Plan

Georgia State Water Plan

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Georgia Water Colation

Georgia Rural Water Association

Georgia Water Council




North Georgia's Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals


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