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Dr. Essich will be happy to make presentations on any of the following topics to any group, college, or institution, at your location, free of charge.

We only ask that we be reimbursed for travel and expenses (copy cost for handouts, etc.) related to presenting these seminars.

Some Presentation Titles:

What To Test For and Why: Bacteria (~30 min)

What To Test For And Why: Minerals and Metals (30 min)

Water Treatment Steps for Homeowners (~20 min)

Purification Technologies For Homeowners (~ 45 min)

Shock Chlorination: Effective Only If Done Properly (~40 min)

Harmless Bacteria: Why They Are Not Really Harmless and What To Do About Them (~30 min)

 For Realtors Only (~45 min)

For Homebuyers Only (~45 min)


We also have a variety of environmental topics including Best Management Practices related to controlling non-point source pollution and pollution due to storm water runoff.

Dr. Essich is also available on a limited basis:

 1.   As an adjunct professor of Microbiology or General Biology

2.   For tutoring students in the biological sciences

a.   We can provide pre-test testing. A dry-run on specific topic areas to test your knowledge and help you learn what your weak points may be

b.   This used as a springboard for explaining the topic being tested – a very effective strategy to learn more and become more skilled at standardized testing.

3.   As a “visiting teacher / professor” to high schools and other institutions that would like lectures, seminars, laboratories or workshops on topics related to information on this web site or the biological sciences and human health

4.   As a speaker to civic organizations or public groups or institutions concerned about water quality both drinking and environmental water. After all, all our drinking water comes from the environment, and the more polluted environmental water is, the more difficult it is to purify for drinking. But we also have to consider the economic impact of making such changes. So let's find the best ways to do both.



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