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The AWSA Water Quality Challenge

 We challenge you to test your water quality, and if it is free of contamination, we will pay for the test ourselves!!!

In order to qualify as contaminant free your water must meet the following criteria before any treatment:

 pH must be within 0.2 pH units of neutral (pH = 6.8 to 7.2). Neutral (pH = 7.0) would be perfect. Lower numbers indicate acidic water; higher numbers indicate alkaline (basic) water. (Neutral water will not damage skin, hair, hair coloring, appliances, plumbing, etc.)


Water must contain no sulfate, no nitrate, no phosphate, no iron, no lead, no cadmium, no arsenic, no manganese, no sodium, and no bacteria (including coliforms and E. coli). (These are either toxic or damage water using devices in the home)


water must be soft OR have normal hardness (hardness must be less than 101ppm (0-75 ppm = soft; 75-100 ppm = normal; >100 ppm = hard)


total dissolved solids must be between 50 and 100 ppm (mg/l) – prevents "aggressive water" which will damage plumbing, pumps, water heaters, appliances, etc


turbidity must be less than 1 NTU (water is clear)

 If your water does not meet these criteria, you should be treating it to correct the problem anyway. So what do you have to lose? Send us a sample and your email address. We will invoice you by email using PayPal and when PayPal receives payment of $198.00 we will complete the testing. If the results indicate that your raw water meets these criteria we will just credit the $198.00 back to your account!!! And if your raw, untreated water does not, you will get all the information you need from us to know how to purify your water properly and make it safe and healthy.

You may have an independent certified source test your water to confirm our results. If the independent lab finds that your water meets our criteria for "contaminant free", we will send your money back to you.

We have just defined the kind of water we would feel safe drinking and using in our household. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing your family is drinking good water too?


From the EPA:

Terms used and links to Underground Injection Control Program 

 National Primary Drinking Water Information and Regulations 

Information on Cesspools:

More information coming soon -- Meanwhile check out this EPA site


Remember We work for you. Not the government or a company selling filters or water. For help, Call AWSA at 1-866-626-1716 or go to


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