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Call us, email us ( ), or send your water test results to us, we contact you and tell you what they mean and how to purify your water and help you design a treatment system to meet your specific needs

Here's How It's Done:

Get your water tested anywhere you like. We will review your water test laboratory results and let you know if the test results are valid and accurate, explain exactly what they mean and what you need to do, if anything, to treat, condition, or purify your water. We will tell you approximately what costs might be and tell you what kind of system (if any) you may need to purchase.  We will help you design the system so it works like it should - with the correct purification devices in the correct order so they are not damaged and work properly.

More important, we will tell you if you don't need anything at all, because we don't get paid to sell you anything. Who else has no interest in selling you on a particular system?

When we finish you will know, what, if any water purification or softening you need BEFORE you make a decision to buy anything. Before you go to Home Depot, Lowe's, or Ace Hardware. It is estimated that less than 28% of the systems that are currently installed correct a real problem or make or keep your drinking water safer and healthier. Don't let a salesman take advantage of the fact that you did not like chemistry when they taught it in school. That's what water chemistry geeks are here to help you with, and that is a most important feature of our service.  Arming you with the information you need to make the right decision!

 This service is included for FREE to those who have ordered tests from us.  But for those of you that had your water tested elsewhere, it is available for ONLY

Analysis of lab results, explanation of lab results, recommendations for treatment, assistance in designing a system specific to your needs

Only $45.00 to have a water treatment professional advise you on which tests to ask for,  analyze your lab results


AND to have an unbiased professional, in the water treatment business, help you design your system.


Then you will be able to walk into Home Depot and say "I do not need a softening system (save $500 - $1200.00 or more), but I would like a sediment filter with a 0.45 micron nominal pore diameter and a charcoal filter". Or "I would like a 4-stage reverse osmosis system (and give them specifics) so I don't have to buy bottled water anymore".

Don't let a sales rep rush you. Ask for a copy of their lab / test results, send / fax or phone them in to us, and get an immediate independent analysis from us before making a decision.

Permanent Hardness:

Probably the most common and expensive mistake homeowners make is buying water softening / conditioning systems they don't need or that won't work with their water. Water softeners are designed to remove Calcium and Magnesium and substitute Sodium or Potassium for these "hardening minerals". But iron, sulfate, manganese, copper, and other chemicals add hardness too. In North Georgia, manganese, sulfate, and iron are often the real problem. They add hardness that cannot be removed with water softeners. That's why it's called "permanent hardness". The presence of these chemicals will produce essentially the same effects as high levels of calcium or magnesium. It will cause the same, or worse damage to water heater elements, ice makers, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers etc. If both types of hardness are present and one kind is reduced sufficiently, it often brings the total hardness of the water down far enough to make it seem acceptable. But clothing still does not come clean properly, showers still feel like they are being taken in hard water, hair does not come clean and rinse properly, rotten egg odors are not removed, red staining is not removed, the water may still taste metallic, etc.

If most of the hardness is due to permanent hardness, then typical water softening won't work, and you have probably spent $900.00 to $2,000.00 just to continue having problems. In our area, we estimate that about 50% of all the softening systems purchased are just wasted money. Instead, consumers should be buying systems to remove iron, manganese, sulfate, or one of several other chemicals. These systems are often just as expensive as softening systems, but they remove the problem chemicals and provide you with better water and substantial savings on cleaning supplies, detergents, energy consumption etc..

Purification systems (filters) that remove permanent hardness are readily available, just not at the local hardware store, or home improvement stores. We do not believe that clerks at local home improvement centers are intentionally misleading their customers. They are just passing along what they were taught and doing their jobs, which is trying to sell the systems they have on hand.

What is the solution? When testing for calcium, hardness, pH, and magnesium, also test for sulfate, iron, manganese, copper, and other chemicals at the same time (see our recommended group). Once you have the results, and know what is causing the hardness, install the system you need. Otherwise, you'll install one system then later have to remove it and replace it, or add on what you really needed in the first place. By the way, in the process of doing this testing we have discovered that people had been drinking toxic nitrates at 18 to 20 times the EPA limits, lead, arsenic, and other chemicals that are actually carcinogenic and harmful to their health. If we had not insisted that the whole battery of tests be done at least once, these clients would never have known - even after they were diagnosed with a cancer or central nervous system disorder - that they were at risk.

Countertop Systems:

Only work if you use them correctly. Most people are not patient enough to let the system work, never test the system to see if it works properly, and don't replace the cartridges or filters often enough. These filters do not remove substantial quantities of any contaminant for more than a few weeks, after which they are usually exhausted, channeling, or dumping accumulated toxins and growing bacteria. It's cheaper in the long-run (and you get better purification), to purchase a good under-counter system. (Note: we now have a system that is better than an under-the-counter system, but does not need to be installed under the counter. Please email us if you want to know more ( None of the countertop systems work well without proper pretreatment, which is usually not available in most homes. Don't believe this? Try what we did. Take a sample of your water at the bathtub, and another at the site where you have the filter, and send them off for analysis. If they come back substantially different in chemical composition, let us know.

More Scam Busting:

If anyone has come to your door or visited you to test your water for free and then offers you a treatment system to get rid of the contaminants they found, JUST SAY NO!!! We cannot overemphasize the need for a second opinion in this case. We are becoming increasingly sensitive to these kinds of scams because our parents are vulnerable, and so are the honest and trusting people who are too shy to decline such an offer.


That's what we are all about. We work ONLY FOR YOU and don't try to sell anything but our knowledge, education, training, and experience in this field. We can provide you with the truth and have no conflict of interest!!! If you don't want us to do the testing, or provide the supplies, that's OK! You can still get our inspections and/or professional guidance or advice at a modest fee.............What do we get out of it? We earn a living helping people get the information they need and keeping them from being scammed, misled, or becoming ill if their water needs treatment. We also help them save money!


Some Common Questions We Answer When We Consult With Clients

1.    I donít know much about water testing. Which tests should I ask for?

2.    Iíve gotten these tests done but I donít know what the results mean or if I need to do anything else?

3.    I get my water from a well. Which are the right tests for me to do?

4.    I get my water from a municipal water supply. Which are the right tests for me to do? Do I even need to test my water? Why?

5.    Why are those tests recommended?

6.    Why does the EPA recommend testing my well water every year?

7.    Are there water tests that are not usually recommended, but should be done in the area where I live because the contaminant is known to be present in the soil? If so, which contaminants should I be testing for?

8.    Does my water need purification or treatment?

9.    How can I find out if my water needs purification or treatment?

10.   If so, what is in the water and why does it need to be removed?

11.   How can I remove this impurity?

12.   What is the purification device called and where can I get one?

13.    How much should I have to pay for the purification / treatment device?

14.    Is there anything else I should consider when buying this device? For example, what should come with it? What additional parts will I need? Who can install the device for me? Can I install the device myself? If so, how should I go about doing it?

15.    Where can I get such a purification device locally? Where can I get the device if I want to purchase it on the Internet?

16.   Of the many purification devices available on the market, which is the best?

17.    Is the device certified? Does it work as advertised? What should I look for when I purchase it?

18.    What are the advantages and disadvantages of this device? Is there another that would work better under my circumstances? If so, what is it?

19.    Are there any hidden costs, such as having to resupply with chemicals, or replace parts or filters periodically?

20.    Will using this device damage my septic system?

21.    Is it legal to install this device in my home?

CONTACT US free of charge - click here

We are not connected with any government agency, or regulatory entity. We are completely independent and able to help you without reporting to ANYONE. We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal or company interests, and we guarantee the highest levels of security

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