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Below you will find a list of the parameters that are required by the state of Georgia for start-up and ANNUAL testing of bottled water sold in this state.

Superimposed upon the list is the least approximate cost of testing for all the parameters in that section. Notice that the total cost would be approximately $2,687.00 once per year but can vary upward to as much as $5000.00. Responsible bottlers test for some of these parameters on a more frequent basis, but none test for all of them daily or even weekly. Also, this list is almost identical to the substances that public water systems - city, county, municipal, would need to test for.

There are several other things that should be apparent:

1. VOC (volatile organic contaminant) and SOC (synthetic organic contaminant) and radiological testing make up the bulk of the required testing and cost. (sections 3, 4, and 5). (Concentrations of these contaminants can be reduced in your drinking water at home by fairly inexpensive means if you know what they are.)

2. That despite the large number of compounds listed, these represent only a small number of the chemical compounds that are man-made and never existed in the water supply before modern times - so it is possible that despite all this testing there may still be contaminants in water that is bottled! Since there are literally thousands of chemical compounds that are not on the list for required testing, any one or more of these could be undetected in the water. (Explore this and other web sites for more information.)  This is also true for municipal water supplies!

3. As long as the bottled water has less than the MCL (maximum concentration limit) for a particular contaminant it is deemed acceptable for sale and consumption. (For example, if arsenic is present at 0.04 mg/L the water can be bottled and sold). And this is true for all the listed contaminants. Your water at home very likely does not contain many of these contaminants, while water from another state, city, or country, may very well contain some, or more, of these contaminants at "acceptable" MCL levels.

4. There is no requirement for testing or to monitor any of these values for changes between annual tests, so their concentrations could fall or rise above acceptable limits for most of the year without anyone's knowledge.

The Complete List


Many of these compounds are herbicides, pesticides, and industrial chemicals that have been used freely and dumped into our water supplies throughout this country and others. Despite laws that forbid dumping even more of these chemicals are added to our drinking water every day through legal use. So, despite new laws, these contaminants are present in our drinking water today, and will probably continue to increase in concentration. Since they never existed in drinking water before our industrial and agricultural revolutions, no-one really knows what their ultimate or long-term affect on human health will be. Also, the MCL's for these compounds should be zero (0) because we know that many of them cause serious illnesses (ex. cancer) in man. But the cost of removing them completely is so high that MCL's have been established with those costs in mind. The same is true for bacteria, Crypto, Giardia, and other contaminants. It is up to the individual to protect their family, and most people are not even doing one annual water test as recommended by the EPA. We believe this is because most people do not know what they need to know to make an informed decision, so we provide that information at this site. You do not need to test for all these contaminants to develop a safe water supply, but you do need to know how or know someone who does.

The only way to detect contaminants is to test. The only way to remove them is to purify. We can help you with both. Ignorance may be bliss, but only knowledge can protect you from harm.

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