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Our "Rapid Drinking Water Screen"

(This Rapid Screen - includes all the tests recommended by EPA to be performed ANNUALLY):

For $98.00 you get the following $280.00 value


Coliform Bacteria,      E. coli bacteria,      Visual Examination by a professional microbiologist;      30X Microscopic Examination by a professional microbiologist;     Temperature;     Conductivity;     Nitrate,     pH;     Total Dissolved Solids;     Color;     Electrical Conductivity;     Turbidity;     Arsenic Screen;     Free Chlorine;     Total Chlorine;     Total Hardness - T-strip;     Total Alkalinity - T-strip;     Iron

Beat this offer and we will match their price!!!

The Strategy:

We initially limit testing to those parameters that are the best indicators of potential problems and use those results to determine if there is any need for further testing.

Fewer tests are less expensive, and the right choice of tests can provide the critical information

Use tests and methods that can provide results rapidly - Many tests can be done on site, all results can be available in 24 hrs

Use the most recent technology to perform tests others do not or cannot perform

Use expertise that others do not have available to perform evaluations of water quality that others cannot perform

Additional tests are done only if it is indicated by other parameters and at your request


Make annual water testing AFFORDABLE and MEANINGFUL for the average person before they get sick. Determine the likelihood of the presence of various toxic and nontoxic compounds in your water sample and whether or not there is a need for further testing.


Mail In:                                                    

1.  Empty the water from 3 standard 8 oz. drinking water bottles and fill them with the water you wish to test. Screw caps on and fasten with tape.


2.  Send the filled bottles to us at:

                                    AWSA Rapid Screen
                                    Attn: Dr. Essich
                                    379 Turner Ridge Dr., Bldg.A
                                    Cleveland, GA 30528

NOTE: Send via 2 day delivery and include your email address          


3. We will test them for the parameters listed and you will pay only $98.00. Include your email address and the results will be sent to you immediately upon completion of the tests via email

Rapid Screen Tests

Many other tests are available. If you need a test, which is not described below, please contact us toll free at 1-866-626-1716, we probably have it available.

Ignorance may be bliss, but it does not protect you from harm.

What You Get

         An initial site visit within 20 miles of Cleveland, GA

         On site results (if requested only) for many tests and an on-site inspection of well and distribution system integrity and health and safety issues related to your drinking water

         Answers!! Solutions!!! To all your questions in ONE PLACE.

What you get from us that no one else provides is:

      Answers!!! Unbiased answers!!! Useful answers!!!

      Analysis, evaluation and recommendations by a specialist with the highest qualifications available in this field!!! Solutions!!! Solutions!!!

      Access to that professional to answer your specific questions!!! Solutions!!! Solutions!!!

      Protection from being scammed!!!

We cannot overemphasize the service aspect of what we provide. No one else provides

1)      An explanation of which tests you should do and why they are a must (before you test),

2)      An explanation of what the lab results mean, and

3)      Solutions, provided in a way that lets you know exactly what you need and what to look for when you shop for water purification devices,

4) Information on which purification devices and technologies are effective (work) and which to avoid.

You will be able to TALK with a professional microbiologist (not a machine) and get an explanation of proposed tests, results, and solutions


What to test for and why - Minerals and Metals;


What to test for and why - Bacteria;


What do the laboratory results mean - in layman's terms;


What treatment or purification is necessary, if any;


What water purification / treatment technologies are available to the homeowner;


Which of those actually work and what do they do exactly;


What are their relative costs / what can I expect to pay;


What is the proper sequence of steps in water purification to achieve effective removal of contaminants; What will work best?; What will be cheapest?;


What should I be looking for when I am ready to purchase a treatment device? What is Filter-Ag, What is Birm; What is Pyrolox; What is ozonation? etc


If I need an oxidizing filter, what is that and what should I look for in the store or on-line

         A written report of results (by email, fax or US Mail) and recommendations for an appropriate course of action if needed

A. For Coliform test, E. coli (fecal coliform) test Only - $35.00 ($50.00 if results are needed in 24hrs)

Service within 5 working days we come to your site any day of the week and perform BOTH tests for bacteria.

 (Health departments only come Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, do only the coliform test, charge the same price and do not give any other test results nor perform any other analyses. You cant beat this deal.)

B. Rush: For Coliform test, E. coli (fecal coliform) Only - $50.00

Next Day Service we come to your site provide tests and services AND you get your

Results in 24 Hours after sampling (Includes testing that is NOT done by Health Department)


C. Rapid Screen (Includes Chemistry Plus Coliforms and E. coli (fecal coliforms) tests- Total Cost $98.00

We challenge you to find this group of tests for less.

Beat this offer and we will match their price!!!

Visual Examination by a professional microbiologist (not available from our competitors or any Local Government Agency)

30X Microscopic Examination by a professional microbiologist (not available from our competitors or any Local Government Agency )



Nitrate, (common toxic chemical)


Total Dissolved Solids,


Turbidity (Our competitors charge over $100.00 for this test alone!)

and for a limited time FREE

Arsenic Screen (Common toxic chemical in agricultural areas. Our competitors charge $40.00 - $100.00 for this test alone)

Free Chlorine

Total Chlorine

Total Hardness - T-strip

Total Alkalinity - T-strip



D. Rapid Screen Rush:  Rapid Screen Chemistry and Coliforms, and E. coli (fecal coliforms) and all other tests listed in Rapid Screen Chemistry ($120.00)

Next Day Service we come to your site

Results in 24 Hours after sampling


E. Rapid Screen Chemistry Plus the following Basic Mineral and Anion Analysis: Total cost: $198.00.

Rapid screen results will be available on site and within a few days, but the following additional tests will take longer to complete.

Includes all of the above plus the following "grouped" tests. Individual tests are generally about $20.00 each.

GAESL Basic Mineral Analysis with Acid Digest ($60.00)

This will include tests for Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Aluminum, Boron, Copper, Zinc, Sodium, Cadmium, Nitrogen, Chromium, Molybdenum, (P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Al, B, Cu, Zn, Na, Cd, N, Cr, Mo)

GAESL Anion Analysis by ICP ($45.00)

Chloride, Fluoride, Phosphate, Sulfate, Nitrate

Note: In our experience few people have any chemical or physical tests done on their water. Even though these (chemicals) are more likely than disease-causing bacteria to cause economic or medical problems. Many never have their water examined for any organisms other than Coliforms despite the fact that many bacteria are often found in private and municipal water supplies. Some people will use disinfectants all over their homes and in the air to protect against bacterial contamination, but will drink whatever comes in through drinking water lines. Consumers are more likely to become ill from undetected chemical contaminants because they do not test for them. Testing for chemical and physical parameters often give important clues to the presence or sources of biological and chemical contaminants. The presence of microscopically observable debris, insect parts, or microorganisms often give clues about other system failures, before consumers become ill.

CONTACT US free of charge - click here


We are not connected with any government agency, or regulatory entity. We are completely independent and able to help you without reporting to ANYONE. We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal or company interests, and we guarantee the highest levels of security

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