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Overnight - 24 Hour Turnaround Time - More Expensive BUT Can't Get It Any Faster, Anywhere!!!


For Each Test empty a new one quart distilled water bottle, fill with sample, replace cap, tape shut then FedEx / UPS /Mail To: Attn: Dr. Essich, 379 Turner Ridge Dr., Cleveland, GA 30528

REPORT CAN BE SENT BY E-MAIL for fastest possible results

NOTE: Standard fees are much lower - if you can wait click here

Water Test Parameter 24 Hour Results Fee Standard Fee - 6 Work Day Turnaround -See Later

Lead - results in 24 hrs


Arsenic - results in 24 hrs $65.00

Nitrate - results in 24 hrs $50.00

Sulfate - results in 24 hrs $55.00

Chloride - results in 24 hrs $60.00

Fluoride - results in 24 hrs $60.00

Sodium - results in 24 hrs
(Trying to reduce your blood pressure?)

Potassium - results in 24 hrs $60.00

Phosphate - results in 24 hrs $50.00

Total Coliforms & E. coli & Fecal Coliforms w Counts - results in 24 hrs $75.00

Coliforms: Environmental Sample w Counts - results in 24 hrs $100.00

We supply containers, preservatives, disinfectants, FedEx, instructions, etc ADD for O/N Delivery and Return - results in 24 hrs $130.00

  click here to make your request by email.

Give us a telephone number where you can be reached and you will be talking with Dr. Essich within 24 hours to place your order or answer your questions

 Call: 1-706-892-6036




North Georgia's Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals


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