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What We Can Do For You:

Guarantee that your water will be safe to drink, and safer than any bottled water you can get!!!

Most folks don't know what water tests they need to get, nor what they mean when they get the results back, or even what to do if it looks like there may be a problem. So they are completely at the mercy of the salesman who is trying to sell them something or their neighbors advice, or in the worst case on a scam artist. We are here to correct that problem. This web site will provide you with specific information on WHAT YOU SHOULD TEST FOR. When you get your results back, beyond just a table of lab results (which most people do not understand), we provide you with interpretation of your laboratory data, explanation of what it means, and most important we give specific solutions to correct problems if they exist, and information on where and how to get what you need to correct a problem if it exists.

There are no short cuts. You must test to determine what is in the water you drink! It will cost money! Spend it wisely!


What you get from us that no one else provides is:

Ø      Answers!!! Unbiased answers!!! Useful answers!!!

Ø      Analysis, evaluation and recommendations by a specialist with the highest qualifications available in this field!!!

Ø      Access to that professional to answer your specific questions!!!.

Ø      Protection from being scammed!!!

We cannot overemphasize the service aspect of what we provide. No one else provides

1)      An explanation of which tests you should do and why they are a must (before you test),

2)      An explanation of what the lab results mean, and

3)      Solutions, provided in a way that lets you know exactly what you need and what to look for when you shop for water purification devices,

4) Information on which purification devices and technologies are effective (work) and which to avoid.


What is the dollar value of professional guidance and reliable, unbiased, information? We offer this service for a VERY modest fee of $45.00. If you live locally and would also like a site visit and inspection add $25.00. And these fees are INCLUDED in the cost or our water testing services if we perform those services for you.


Brief summary of some of our Services / Water Tests:

 All service comes with FREE phone support and assistance with finding proper solutions if water quality problems exist.


1.     Coliforms and E. coli: $35.00 – recommended for all annual retests

2.     Basic Chemistry (Rapid Screen): $63.00 – recommended for all annual retests

3.     Basic Mineral, Metals ($60.00), and Anion Analysis ($45.00) w Acid Digest: $105.00 (recommended for initial testing)

a.     Includes Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Aluminum, Boron, Copper, Zinc, Sodium, Cadmium, Nitrogen, Chromium, Molybdenum, Chloride, Fluoride, Phosphate, Sulfate, Nitrate (P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Al, B, Cu, Zn, Na, Cd, N, Cr, Mo, Cl, Fl, PO4, NO3):

4.     Coliforms & E. coli & Microscopic exam & Basic Chemistry plus recommended toxic metals and minerals: $198.00 (recommended for initial test)

5.     IRB (Iron Related Bacteria) or SRB (Sulfur Reducing Bacteria) or Slime Bacteria: $60.00 ea to avoid or detect water filter / purification device inactivating bacteria or $120 for any two or $119 for all three (recommended for initial test)

6.     Coliforms & E. coli & Microscopic exam & Complete Basic Chemistry plus recommended toxic metals and minerals, and Sulfur Reducing Bacteria and Iron Related Bacteria and Slime Forming Bacteria only $336.00

7.     Sulfur (rotten egg odor / black staining) Diagnostic Testing $95.00

8.     Iron Staining (red/brown, musty odor, and manganese red/black stains) Diagnostic Testing $95.00

9.     Hot Tub / Jacuzzi Bacteria water test – is the disinfectant working: Coliforms, E. coli, IRB, SRB, Slime Forming Bacteria: $160.00

10.            Pre and Post filter testing – is my filtration system working properly? Fee depends on system and parameters.

11.            Pick our brains. Get a second opinion – send us laboratory test results you have already obtained elsewhere and our professional microbiologists / water quality experts will perform analysis and formulate recommendations and you can ask questions directly over the phone or by email. $75.00 (this service is FREE for our regular clients)


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Rapid Screen: Total Cost ONLY $98.00


E. Coli

Visual Examination by a professional microbiologist*

30X Microscopic Examination by a professional microbiologist *





Total Dissolved Solids*,


Turbidity* (Many companies will charge over $100.00 for this test alone!)

and for a limited time FREE

Arsenic Screen Test*

Free Chlorine*

Total Chlorine*

Total Hardness - T-strip

Total Alkalinity - T-strip


For an additional $50.00

Ca as CaCO3 need additional 500 mls to perform following tests   





*Note: tests marked by asterisk are either not available at all or are not available on site by any County/Government Agency



Sulfur odor diagnostic testing: total cost $95.00

Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity as CaCO3; Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine

Iron Screen


Sulfur Reducing Bacteria


Iron staining and odor diagnostic testing: total cost $95.00

Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity as CaCO3; Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine

Iron Test


Iron Reducing Bacteria


Filtration Defects and water pressure loss diagnostic testing: $154.00

Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity as CaCO3; Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine

Iron Test


Slime Forming Bacteria; Sulfur Reducing Bacteria; Iron Reducing Bacteria


Our service is a little like going to a medical doctor's office. They take blood, have the lab work done, but the results don't mean much to me without talking to the physician. Also, if I am sick I rely on him/her to help me decide what to do. It is this service and certain lab tests that no one else can do for you (microscopic analysis), that make us different. Unlike laboratories, we offer not only diagnostic testing but also the technical support and professional assessment and guidance, by telephone, email, and other means to help you correct problems if they exist. Like the medical doctor, we need the lab work to make the diagnosis (identify the problem) and formulate a solution. I would never ask my physician to "tell me what is wrong with me, but do it without the blood tests, blood chemistry and urinalysis. Just use the x-ray machine and thermometer." Likewise, a proper diagnosis of water quality problems calls for certain tests to be done, and we gladly explain why the tests are necessary if our clients want to know. We don't take shortcuts, because shortcuts cause mistakes that can be very costly.

 Our services to individuals include, but are NOT limited to the following:

 We perform water tests ON SITE

We provide more rapid results than anyone else. The most important results are provided on site or within 48 hours of completing the site visit.

 We perform an on site inspection of the existing system as part of our diagnostic procedure

 We do not sell anything but the testing, so there will be no pressure to buy anything.

 Typical test for well or tap water runs between $98.00 and $215.00 dollars. Specific single tests can be requested and are less expensive. Also, we have available ANY water tests you might need. A coliform test only can cost as little as $35.00.

 We perform test the health department and other government agencies cannot perform.

Some of our tests are less expensive than the health department provides, and provide more information than the health department tests (ex Coliform testing)

 We provide appropriate containers and take samples ourselves so they are taken properly

We can test existing residential and commercial filtration and water treatment systems to determine whether or not they are working properly. A basic test may cost only $76.00 with preliminary results available immediately.

 Once analysis is complete, we confer with the client. Review the analysis; explain what the analysis means, and make recommendations about what, if anything needs to be done next. Often there is no need for any further action or cost.

 If a client’s water requires treatment or filtration we make a recommendation as to what kind of filter they need, and if they don’t need filtration we advise them so.

If a client is on a public water system we provide them with the local water system test reports, or the information on how to obtain them, and will review the reports with them to help them understand what they mean.

 We provide clients with copies of the report of any water quality testing or reporting violations by their water system.

We investigate any problems clients may have with the water, find the source of those problems and make recommendations on how to correct the problems.

We access the appropriate databases by computer to determine whether a client’s current filtration system has been certified to be of acceptable quality and to remove the contaminants it claims to remove by NSF.

We do recommend only certified filtration systems when they are needed. We make it our job to research the various filtration / purification options our clients have and provide them with the BEST choice. We do not sell any filtration apparatus or systems ourselves.

 We do NOT sell or install the filters, but if our clients wish:

We will help them locate a vendor, and acquire the materials and filters they need

We can provide our clients with the laws regarding criteria for well construction and a variety of other informational material

If a consumer wants the BEST and Safest water they can get, we are the company to help achieve that.


For the first time, you have a Real choice!!!  back to top

We work for you and put your needs and health first. We offer services, information, and testing NO ONE ELSE offers but are needed to make a proper water quality analyses. We offer solutions without benefiting from those recommendations (we don't sell water filters, purification or softening or any other devices). We do not own or run a public or private water system, but we do consult for them and their customers. We are not trying to convince the public who are drinking water from a particular water system that their water is safe or that they need not be concerned or that they need to purify their water. We are prepared to tell individuals for whom we have tested water what, if any, measures they can take to protect themselves against existing or potential water quality violations by their public or private system. We can help individuals interpret the annual "Water Quality Report" or "Consumer Confidence Report", which many people do not understand. And we can support what we say here by independent, reliable scientific data from the best and most recognized authorities in our country (please browse this site). We have competitive pricing and can usually get to you faster than other agencies, and our turn-around times are the quickest available.

Our objective is to give you scientifically accurate results and treatment information using the best available technology and without biasWe are not trying to sell a treatment system, protect or sell an existing public or private water system or sell you a filter or purification device. But we sure know which ones work best. We make it our business to know what will work best for you!!

Our service is a little like going to a doctor's office. They help you understand what the proper diagnostic procedures and tests are. They perform the tests, have the lab work done, and because they have special knowledge can explain why they have selected these diagnostic tests and what the results mean, what the diagnosis (problem) is, and what the cure should be. And like physicians and other professionals, we do not tell our clients what to do. We simply explain the reason for the testing, what the results mean, and what we believe the diagnosis (problem) is. Then based on the results, our best PROFESSIONAL training, our experience and discussion with our clients we offer recommendations on the best and most current "cures" or solutions to correct the problems if there are any. We believe our clients are smart enough to make their own decisions, if only they are provided with good guidance and good up-to-date information.

We use only state-of-the-art equipment and analysis techniques

We have over 30 years of laboratory and field experience

All our work is performed using certified laboratories and test methods

We do not take shortcuts in our analyses. We insist on the proper tests BECAUSE they are so important to correctly diagnose problems and to provide recommendations for permanent, effective solutions to water quality problems where they occur! So often people implement an ineffective solution because they have not properly diagnosed the problem, and waste a great deal of money purchasing the wrong purification devices.

We can come to your site and perform tests there!

this gives us more accurate and more reliable results than can be gotten by sending samples off and having them analyzed days after they are taken

this makes it possible for us to use methods and perform tests others cannot perform as accurately or at all ( Ex. Turbidity, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, accurate pH, the actual temperature of water at the site, Sulfur Test (Sulfide), dissolved oxygen, odors and color at site, appearance of water containers, tanks, fixtures, condition of plumbing, well and well casing, distribution system, and others)

this assures that samples are taken properly and collected in the appropriate sterile and clean containers for the testing to be performed. Quart canning jars are quaint, but may contain contaminants and give false or incorrect test results.

Our site visits allow us to perform a much more appropriate total analysis of your situation and therefore provide you with better, more effective solutions.

We DO NOT sell filters, bottled water, treatment devices or purification systems- but analyze your specific results and circumstances and only IF you need some sort of water treatment, advise you about which (type and brand if requested) is the BEST for your needs. Unlike any other company or government entity we have NO inherent conflict of interest and we truly have only our client's best interests in mind.

We respond much more quickly than government agencies, and they lack the experience and extensive training we have! (You get what you pay for!)

You get your results much more quickly than with government agencies. IF you wish, we can make many results available before we leave your site!

AND because of this ---

you are guaranteed the highest quality work and results you can get!!!

What We Can Do For You   back to top


SERVICE: If you do not know anything about water chemistry, water microbiology, water quality in general, what kinds of devices are available for water purification, what to test your water for and what the results mean and how you can correct a problem if one exists, then we can help you. There has never been a private enterprise that provided anything more than lab testing. First, we provide this service not only to companies and government agencies, but to the public. Second, we provide not only the lab work but even more important, we provide an educated, experienced, highly competent PROFESSIONAL to guide our clients through the process of deciding which tests they need, what those tests mean, and what the best, corrective measures are, as well as providing certain lab tests that no one else has ever provided to the average citizen. That make us different. We serve YOU! We provide free technical support by phone and email as clients work their way through the process of making their water safe to drink. And we provide early warning about problems that take years to wind their way through government red tape before they are brought to the public's attention. Imagine having known back in the 1960's that smoking is addictive and causes cancer. The government and researchers did. The public did not. We make it our business to let our clients know what we discover during our active and continuous research of the literature related to water quality, testing, and purification.


If you have a Problem or Question related to WATER QUALITY we can help you. Especially if you need an innovative solution!!!


We can Guarantee that your water will be safe to drink, and safer than any bottled water you can get!!!


Water Quality Consultant: If you need a trusted expert to get accurate information on how to properly analyze and purify the water you drink or, to help detect, identify, and correct water quality problems in water you use for any other purpose, we can help.


If you do not understand how various water purification systems work and which would be best for your needs (small or large scale), we can help.


Help you correct problems with your private or public water system

Would you prefer someone local to serve your needs?


Has your system had a history of Significant Non-Compliance (SNC)?


Have you had Notices of Violation?


Has your system been identified as having TMF Capacity (Technical, Managerial, or Financial) problems?


Have you had Reporting Violations you want to correct inexpensively?


Need assistance with monitoring or monitoring scheduling- we can help you save money

have you heard about the Voluntary Drinking Water Fee System? If not, your system can probably save money


Have you had TCR (Total Coliform Rule) violations? If so, you definitely need our help!!



We help you evaluate the quality of water you get from your public water system, community water system, TNCWS, NTNCWS,  very small water system,  or well and offer solutions if, and only if, there are problems


If you are purchasing bottled water, and want to save money, we can help


If you have an existing purification system and wonder if it is working properly we can analyze it for you (ex. before and after unit testing)


If you are about to drill a well and want to make sure it is done properly we can help (click on Georgia Code Wells for information on Georgia Laws concerning public and private wells).


If you need to know how to purify the water you drink using existing or innovative new technology we can help


WHAT CAN WE TEST?     back to top

            Water, soil, and air. We can perform virtually any analysis you need. Just ask for a quote. Even better, we can work with you to solve your water treatment problems.


            To perform NPDES monitoring for erosion control and storm water discharge, site inspections, turbidity measurements, and reporting. Review of Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans.


Consulting for and Assisting Developers, Builders, Municipalities, Counties, Engineers, Stakeholder Organizations, Environmental Groups

Our service is a little like going to the Doctor's office. They take blood, have the lab work done, but the results don't mean much to me without doing some research and talking to the physician. Also, if I am sick I rely on him/her to help me decide what to do. It is this service and certain lab tests that no one else can do for you, that make us different.

We offer a variety of other services related to water quality and air quality. Please ask by calling us or email us at

If we cannot help, we will find a qualified expert who can.

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North Georgia's Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals


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