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If you have odor or staining problems they can be due to chemicals or bacteria or a combination of both. Test for the following and follow our treatment advice and you will get rid of the problem.


Call us now , toll-free at 1-866-626-1716 or 706-219-3349 to schedule an appointment to collect a water sample and perform a water system / site inspection  and tests

(or mail us a sample to test)


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Important: If bacteria are the problem, chlorine shocking, nutrient removal, or continuous disinfection is recommended - depending on the level of contamination and the amount of nutrient present. If the problem is strictly chemical, then filtration, chemical removal, or another treatment is required. These tests distinguish one from the other so the correct treatment can be performed. If you have already tried something, spent your good money, and it didn't work then do these recommended tests to find out why, and we will tell you how to fix it!!!

 Sulfur (rotten egg) odor diagnostic testing: total cost $95.00. Answers: What is causing my water to smell bad? Why is my water softener or detergent NOT working? Why are friends who are visiting developing stomach upsets or diarrhea?


Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity as CaCO3; Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine

Iron Screen

Sulfate Test

Sulfur Reducing Bacteria

                     only $95.00                              



Iron staining and odor diagnostic testing: total cost $95.00. Answers: Where are the red and black stains or the metallic taste or odor coming from? Why are soaps, detergents, and my dishwasher and washing machine not working properly.


Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity as CaCO3; Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine

Iron Test

Sulfate Test

Iron Reducing Bacteria


                         only $95.00                            



Filtration Defect or water pressure loss diagnostic testing

 total cost $95.00. Answers: Why have I lost water pressure? What is the biological quality / safety of my drinking water? What is the general quality of my hot-tub / Jacuzzi water? Is it safe? Does it harbor Pseudomonads, Klebsiella spp., E. coli, or coliforms?


Or if you have slimy buildup in your filtration system or a film forming on your hot tub - test for the following and follow our treatment advice to get rid of the problem. Have you ever developed a rash, urinary tract infection, ear infection, eye infection, or cellulitis after being in a hot tub? Maybe the owner has a contaminated tub? Test for bacteria and make them accountable! Has their "pool man" or "tub guy" done a proper cleaning and maintenance? If your tub is not physically scrubbed, and disinfected, it is not clean!! If the water is not properly treated and filtered, it WILL GROW bacteria and fungi.

Find out - do bacterial testing!!!


Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity as CaCO3; Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine

Iron Test

Sulfate Test

Slime Forming Bacteria or Coliforms


                          only $95.00                                  

What does bacterial growth / biofilm look like inside your pipes?

Notice the biofilm that has grown on the inside of the bottle above. This is what happens to your purification /  filtration system and plumbing if it is left untreated. This was a sample collected from a client's well and left standing in a refrigerator for several weeks. It was clear and uncolored when it was collected.


         Before                      After-Iron                   After-Sulfur       

Leftmost is a culture tube just after addition of a water sample. Notice the water is clear and the residue at bottom is sterile "food" to allow for growth of bacteria if they are present. The middle tube shows iron reducing bacteria after only 3 days incubation. The rightmost tube shows the deposits left by sulfur reducing bacteria that were obtained in a sample from a household well after 13 days incubation. Note that both the positive tubes had clear liquid at the start. All discoloration and a visible deposit is just what happens in your well, plumbing, and purification system if these bacteria are present.

But who ever looks inside their water pipes, or at the bottom of the well, or inside their pumps, water heaters, or even their toilet tank?

Well now you don't need to. Just call us, tell us you want to know whether or not you need to treat your system to prevent further damage by biofilm producing bacteria, and we will test your water for you, and give you instructions on what you can do if there is a problem.

Remember We work for you. Not the government or a company selling filters or water. For help, Call AWSA at 1-866-626-1716 or go to

Microbiological Testing Only:

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Iron Related Bacteria (IRB) only

$ 60.00

Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (SRB) only

$ 60.00

Slime Forming / Fouling Bacteria (SFB) only

$ 60.00

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North Georgia's Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals


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