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For County, City, and Municipal Governments

How we can help you!! ...We Think Outside The Box...

We would like to work in partnership with local authorities to help resolve water problems locally. We have consulted for muncipal water systems in Georgia, Florida, Texas and other states. Also nationally, for attorneys involved in litigation due to water contamination, and private corporations that are trying to identify and solve water quality problems, for pool companies, for private individuals, for realtors and home inspectors to name only a few.

 Counties and Municipalities are often short on money and need to stretch their dollars as far as they can! They are also short on help! If you believe your local government has tried everything it can to save you and your constituents money and improve the quality and quantity of services you deliver to them, then please read on!!

 If you have more work in several areas than one person can do, but you cannot justify a full time position in any of those areas, let alone several full time positions. If you would like to add to the experience and knowledge base your current staff has without hiring a new person, on an as-needed basis. If you need someone skilled across several disciplines then we can help you. We can increase your manpower, increase the level of skill and training of your workforce, and reduce your cost, all at the same time!!!

1.    You increase your manpower with highly skilled and trained personnel at reasonable rates. Making sound decisions depends upon having sound advice from professionals in the biological sciences, as well as other areas.

2.    You get a highly educated problem solver/ consultant to help with all sorts of biological, agricultural, waste related, health related, environmental, water quality related issues facing citizens and local government

We can be especially helpful if you have already "tried everything else" and solutions provided through usual channels or resources are not meeting your needs

3.    We work with and across departments and agencies and can therefore help the system become more productive and cost effective. We can assist your planning commission, health department, county commissioners, agricultural extension agents, roads department, enforcement division, erosion and sedimentation control officer, city engineers, and others

4.    We can monitor surface and ground water coming into the county or at any point within the county for various water quality criteria at reasonable rates. This can be especially useful when data are needed for comparison to monitoring performed by other groups

5.    We are certified and can therefore be hired by local governments to perform inspections. We can perform inspections and can contribute to reducing the code enforcement officers work load, or provide additional support to the code enforcement officer when needed.

6.    We have a proposal that can help the roads department save a lot of money in NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems) monitoring and can monitor sites for turbidity and other parameters.

7. We can help reduce the health department’s workload when they have excess work, and provide testing they cannot do

8. We can help overcome some of the current limitations of the Health Department’s Environmental efforts and enhance services they provide

a.    By performing tests on site – if these tests are done off site they are not as reliable (no matter what the “experts” tell you)

Ex. Chlorine tests, dissolved oxygen tests, turbidity tests, bacteria testing, microscopic examinations and others

b.    By performing some useful / essential tests that the health department lacks the equipment and training to perform and interpret

Ex. Total Dissolved Solids, and others

9.  We can supplement and enhance the services offered by the County Extension Service / Office, the USDA NRCS agent, the erosion and sedimentation control officer, and others

10.      We are faster and more flexible than county agencies in resource allocation to areas where they are needed, precisely when they are needed. We can often return results more quickly than other agencies

11.       We can help you keep agribusiness in the county AND increase production AND produce a cleaner environment AND meet all EPA, EPD and other regulatory agency requirements

12.       We can perform water monitoring of existing water supplies in the county, including streams. We can perform a host of biological and chemical tests and assessments that you may currently be sourcing to businesses outside the county.

13.      Consulting for local authorities during consideration of new initiatives that will have environmental or biological impacts on the community. We can provide useful alternative interpretations of data and recommendations for action.

14.        We can be a powerful educational asset in the county and produce educational materials and presentations to assist the county / city in educating its citizens, developers, county officials, the public, students, and others

a.    Presentations – PowerPoint and others

b.    Seminars

c.    Workshops

d.    Training sessions

e.  Articles in newspapers or newsletters

15.      Since we are a private organization we are only obligated to provide the results of our analyses to those who have hired us, and we consider CONFIDENTIALITY to be one of our most important qualifications

16.      If you have discretionary funds you can give us a "trial by contract". We provide services for a monthly fee. You direct us on how you want those services utilized.

If you would like to talk with us please contact us and we will be happy to set up an appointment at your facility and at your convenience to field questions. Please pass this along to others that you feel might be interested or email questions to us at .

We at AWSA believe we can help each other.


Eberhard Essich, Ph.D.

Senior Biologist / Biochemist and President, AWSA, Inc.



This link is a must-read, and won’t take more than about 10 minutes

so is the following:


            TO PERFORM NPDES monitoring for erosion control and storm water discharge, site inspections, and reporting. Review of Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans.

Site visits are not always necessary!  Forward samples direct to us. Call us for full details.



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