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Are My Filters Growing Bacteria? Are My Filters Working Properly?.............

Home Sediment Filters / Water Filters

Standard home water/sediment filters are like sieves that hold back only large particles. Virtually ALL toxic chemicals and most bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and many other particles are small enough to pass through this "sieve" and can therefore enter your home's drinking water when they are present.


Do your filters look like this?

If so, toxic chemicals are not being removed and you may have "harmless" bacteria in your system. The same "harmless" bacteria that are present in your toilet tanks, sinks, on countertops, and in other places you probably disinfect on a regular basis with Lysol, bleach, and various antiseptic lotions and sprays.

Testing provides the information needed to decide whether or not bacteria are present, whether they can be controlled by nutrient limitation, which bacteria are present and thus what purification technology will work. Once completed, you can be sure of a drinking water quality that exceeds the best municipal, well, or bottled drinking water. The money saved by not needing to buy bottled water alone will return all testing cost in less than one year, and the additional money saved through energy conservation and longer appliance life is an added bonus. See our section on how to choose which tests to request on a first water test. 

This sample was taken in a corporate office served by a Municipal Water Treatment Plant, just like the ones serving most homes in most of the cities in the US. Note the round beige dots on the blue background. Each of these represents one or more bacteria that were present in the water AS IT WAS WHEN IT ARRIVED AT THE WATER TAPS in this company. This same Municipal Water Treatment Plant also serves thousands of homes. Once they arrive in the water supply, these bacteria can grow in purification systems installed on-site, such as the ones in your home. This sample had 37 colonies per 3 1/2 ounces of water. Bacteria will not always make people sick. But if an individual is already sick, or has a weakened immune system, or is very young or old, or their health is otherwise compromised, that person may become ill from exposure to such bacteria or their symbiotic associates or other bacteria in consortium with them. This water was crystal clear to the naked eye when it was processed.


Most toxic contaminants have no odor, taste, color, or other characteristics detectable by human senses. They must be tested for using the appropriate chemical or biological tests.


Clear water is not necessarily SAFE water. Please don’t ASSUME everything is OK just because the water is clear and coming from a purification system. Public purification systems (Water Treatment Plants) are required by the government to test their product water multiple times each day because it is well known that purification systems are not foolproof and can unexpectedly develop problems which endanger health but are not noticeable without proper testing. (Call a municipal water treatment plant / system and ask them about their testing regime.) Larger systems are required to test HUNDREDS of times EACH DAY! Why should private purification systems be any different? An annual test of your product water is absolutely essential to be sure your system is working properly.


Notice the biofilm that has formed on the inside of the bottle above. This is what happens to your purification /  filtration system and plumbing if it is left untreated. This was a sample collected from a client's well and left standing in a refrigerator for several weeks. It was clear and uncolored when it was collected.


Leftmost is a culture tube just after addition of a water sample. Notice the water is clear and the residue at bottom is sterile "food" to allow for growth of bacteria if they are present. The middle tube shows iron reducing bacteria after only 3 days incubation. The rightmost tube shows the deposits left by sulfur reducing bacteria that were obtained in a sample from a household well after 13 days incubation. Note that both the positive tubes had clear liquid at the start. All discoloration and a visible deposit is just what happens in your well, plumbing, and purification system if these bacteria are present.

Do your toilets develop a ring that looks like this? You definitely have bacteria and/or Fungi growing in your home water distribution system (plumbing). Even the best housekeeping will not keep them out of your drinking water, shower water etc..

They come in through your well or your municipal water supply and can create serious biofilm buildups in your distribution system, water heater, and all water-utilizing appliances. Want to find out if they are posing a health risk? Want to get rid of them? Call us now!!! 

Call Now: 706-219-3349

or Toll Free:  1-866-626-1716

By the way, this is the same water you are drinking!!!




Purification systems often add contaminants to the water if they are not properly maintained. They will harbor microorganisms and provide a place where they have nutrients and a substrate to grow. This is a well known drawback to the use of many purification media. Most sales reps for purification / filtration devices will tell you there is nothing to worry about, but the scientific evidence DOES NOT support that, and it is your health they are playing with. (You can find links on this site that will take you to many independent reliable and unbiased resources (University Studies etc.) that provide proof that filtration systems must be tested to determine their effectiveness and must be tested periodically to assure that they are not adding bacteria or other contaminants to your water). These studies also demonstrate clearly that some systems remove very few toxic contaminants and that all systems become less effective almost immediately from the time they are put into use. You should have your “product” water tested independently to verify that contaminants are in fact removed effectively and that new contaminants are not being added. An annual test using the “partial panel” of tests we have designed exclusively for this purpose is ideal for this. It includes all the tests recommended by the EPA plus several to identify specific problems that occur in purification systems. Call us if you are local (1-706-219-3349) and if you would like to have someone perform semiannual inspections and maintenance of your purification system (including filter cartridge changes and testing) so you can rest assured that your water is safe.  - then stop buying bottled water


No system has the capacity to continue removing contaminants indefinitely and all systems are subject to one of various filtration defects that WILL invariably develop over time. Thus, since proper testing to determine water quality and the absence of toxic substances is NOT part of any service contracts we know of, most folks are unsuspecting and unknowing. It is a simple matter to call us (toll free at 1-866-626-1716) and have us inspect and test your system to determine whether it is working properly.


Another reason for annual testing is that new contaminants, or contaminants which went undetected when initial water testing was done, nowadays often appear in the source water because groundwater and surface waters have been so drastically affected by increased pollution, water withdrawal rates – in some cases to the tune of millions of gallons per day, new building and dumping into old wells, change in underground water flow, and a myriad of other causes. Plus, it turns out that the belief, which has been held as “common knowledge” for hundreds of years, that the soil is essentially sterile below a few feet from the surface, is now known to be incorrect. And the concentrations of chemicals in surface and ground water is constantly rising – a fact which is supported by virtually all the most recent research. Even hormones and antibiotics are now appearing in surface water supplies.

Following is what you should test your well water for each year!!!


It includes all the tests the EPA says you should have done every year.

(And we have made annual testing affordable. This is a $280.00 value and - You Pay ONLY $98.00!!!).


The Coliform test (and a test for E. coli - Fecal Coliform at no additional charge); Microscopic Examination by a professional microbiologist (not available from any Local Government Agency); Visual Examination by a professional microbiologist (not available from any Local Government Agency); includes examination of cultures for any other visible microorganisms; Temperature; Conductivity, Nitrate, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Color; Turbidity (Many companies will charge over $100.00 for this test alone!); and for a limited time FREE:  Arsenic Screen; Free Chlorine; Total Chlorine; Total Hardness - T-strip; Total Alkalinity - T-strip; Iron


Call us NOW at 706-219-3349 to schedule a sampling appointment or site visit. (or mail us a sample to test)


Local NEXT DAY SERVICE Any Weekday and Saturday


You can't get a better bargain anywhere - ..we guarantee it and will match anyone's prices if you can find this group of tests for less!!!


And we tell you what the results mean and how to fix any problems at no extra charge.


We believe the EPA would not recommend testing annually unless there were good reasons... and there are. Learn more on this web site and the EPA's web site.

We are not connected with any government agency, or regulatory entity.

We do NOT advertise, we are not listed in the yellow pages. We rely upon Referrals from our satisfied clients for our Business.

1.  Bacterial Testing: Tests for bacteria that foul and inactivate or damage filtration systems and purification devices and form biofilms inside well, distribution systems, plumbing, storage tanks, water heaters, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, etc. and slough off into your drinking water, produce off tastes, off-odors, or discoloration and increase the risk of becoming ill from drinking or bathing in water.

a.  Slime Bacteria - see below

b.  Iron Related Bacteria - see below

c.  Sulfur Reducing Bacteria - see below

d.  Heterotrophic Aerobic Bacteria - turbidity, taste, odor, corrosion, health and hygiene risks

e.  Micro-Algae - can indicate the presence of pollution due to excessive nutrients entering the water. Some produce toxic, skin and mucous membrane irritating compounds etc. Clog pumping and filtration equipment.

f.  Fluorescent Pseudomonad's - can cause turbidity, slime formation, taste and odor (fishy or kerosene-like), corrosion, biodegradation, hygiene risks, skin infections, eye infections, urinary tract and genital infections, skin rashes, throat infections / sore throats; upper respiratory tract infections

g.  Nitrifying Bacteria - convert organic and ammonium compounds to nitrate. May indicate contamination by sewage, septic tank, industrial waste undergoing aerobic degradation

h.  Denitrifying Bacteria - may indicate pollution with septic, sewage, industrial waste via anaerobic processes. If positive it should be followed by coliform testing (and fecal coliform testing).

i.  Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Bacteria - cause skin disease, ear infections (swimmers ear), eye infections, folliculitis, and identifies Pseudomonas aeruginosa -

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Additional Microbiological Testing:


Iron Related Bacteria (IRB) only

$ 60.00

Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (SRB) only

$ 60.00

Slime Forming / Fouling Bacteria (SFB) only

$ 60.00


Sulfur (rotten egg) odor diagnostic testing: total cost $95.00. Answers: What is causing my water to stink?


Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity as CaCO3; Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine

Iron Screen


Sulfur Reducing Bacteria


Iron staining and odor diagnostic testing: total cost $95.00. Answers: Where are the red and black stains or the metallic taste or odor coming from?


Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity as CaCO3; Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine

Iron Test


Iron Reducing Bacteria


Filtration Defect and water pressure loss diagnostic testing: total cost $95.00. Answers: Why have I lost water pressure?


Turbidity, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids

Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity as CaCO3; Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine

Iron Test


Slime Forming Bacteria


We are not connected with any government agency, or regulatory entity. We are completely independent and able to help you without reporting to ANYONE. We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal or company interests, and we guarantee the highest levels of security

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