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How to Contaminate the Public Water Supply

The two simplest ways to contaminate a public water supply are:

1.  Turn it off (anywhere in the distribution system) for a short time then restart. Breaking a water main or intentionally turning it off (which, since these systems are unprotected can be done by anyone with a proper wrench)

2. Connect a tanker truck which does not have a back-flush control valve, to draw water from the system.

Another common method is public systems that fail to properly chlorinate the supply before it goes into the distribution system. Some systems, like the one we currently use, simply shock chlorinate periodically to save money, but do not maintain the required levels of chlorine that will prevent bacterial and fungal growth and kill parasites (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia). The end result is that you don't smell chlorine (good) BUT "stuff" grows in your toilet tanks, water heater, pressure tanks, and other reservoirs, and the entire distribution system can become "sick".  It is better to chlorinate, then filter the water when it arrives at the point-of-use than to rely on an unchlorinated source.

Improper fertilizing, pesticide application, herbicide application, construction, waste disposal, industrial waste disposal, concentrated animal feeding and waste disposal activities, lawn care. Improper access of animals to water supplies, water distribution, dredging, etc.





County Commissioners: If this is what you see in your community, you should be taking steps to correct it. this puts public health at risk. what goes into the water as a result of these activities must come back out before it can be consumed by humans. Water treatment plants are more expensive to build and operate because each of the contaminants that flow into the source water require special treatment to remove. Also, taxpayers foot the bill to have Agricultural, construction and industry related contaminants removed from the water they wish to drink. Yet they do not share in the profits those groups make from their activities. some of these activities make it much easier for bioterrorists to conduct their activities - ex, animals can be infected with crypto or giardia, then released to mix with a domestic herd and deposit huge amounts of these organisms into the water supply especially  if they have direct access to the water. The native animal population would also be infected and act as a reservoir to reinfect domestic herds. Or chemical contaminants could be added by tanker truck or other means.




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