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Dear Dentist:

Recent work by the CDC indicates that there is a need for better quality control and pathogen control in the water delivery systems used to treat patients. Filtration systems currently in use do NOT remove pathogens and potential pathogens from the water being used to irrigate patients' mouths and wounds. You are probably already familiar with the attached excerpt from the Center for Disease Control’s Report in the MMWR in the December 19, 2003 / 52(RR17);1-61 issue entitled “Report and Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings”. Closer monitoring of the water delivery system is an excellent way to stay ahead of potential problems. My company has been working on helping the general public improve and monitor their drinking water quality and I have recently been encouraged to offer services to the professional community as well.

 We would like to help you improve the quality of health care you deliver to your patients. Recent technical innovations have made it possible for us to provide monthly testing for microorganisms and slime (biofilm) production in your water system at an incredibly low fee of $95.00 per test panel.

 This testing uses EPA and industry approved methods and includes tests for coliform bacteria, E. coli, anaerobic bacteria, enterics, pseudomonads, heterotrophic bacteria, and slime forming bacteria. Results for coliforms and e coli (fecal coliform) will be available within 24 hours of receiving the samples in the lab, and the other testing requires from 7 to 15 days for final results to allow enough time for the organisms to grow out.

 We would come to your facility at your convenience, collect the water and perform this panel of tests then provide you with a written report. We recommend testing twice a month, but will be happy to perform testing monthly or on another schedule that you are comfortable with.

 If the tests should come back positive, we are able to work with you to provide inexpensive solutions to remedy the problems. We are not plumbers and we do NOT sell water treatment equipment of any sort. We are experts in water purification technologies including removal of microbial and chemical contaminants, and we offer testing for virtually any chemical contaminant you may be concerned about. Consider the benefits to you and your patients in terms of protecting you from potential lawsuits and them from potential infections in the future.

 Our mobile number is 706-892-6036. If you leave us a message we guarantee you will be talking to a person within 24 hours of leaving us a number where you can be reached, and we guarantee that your water will be safer if you retain us to help you improve it.


Eberhard Essich, Ph.D.

President & Senior Microbiologist, AWSA

PO Box 3349

Cleveland, GA 30528 

Toll Free: 1-866-626-1716

Mobile: 1-706-892-6036


Excerpt From:

Center for Disease Control’s Report in the MMWR in the December 19, 2003 / 52(RR17);1-61 issue entitled “Report and Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings”. Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings --- 2003.htm


Dental Unit Water Quality

Research has demonstrated that microbial counts can reach <200,000 colony-forming units (CFU)/mL within 5 days after installation of new dental unit waterlines (305), and levels of microbial contamination <106 CFU/mL of dental unit water have been documented (309,338). These counts can occur because dental unit waterline factors (e.g., system design, flow rates, and materials) promote both bacterial growth and development of biofilm.


Although no epidemiologic evidence indicates a public health problem, the presence of substantial numbers of pathogens in dental unit waterlines generates concern. Exposing patients or DHCP to water of uncertain microbiological quality, despite the lack of documented adverse health effects, is inconsistent with accepted infection-control principles. Thus in 1995, ADA addressed the dental water concern by asking manufacturers to provide equipment with the ability to deliver treatment water with <200 CFU/mL of unfiltered output from waterlines (339). This threshold was based on the quality assurance standard established for dialysate fluid, to ensure that fluid delivery systems in hemodialysis units have not been colonized by indigenous waterborne organisms (340).


Standards also exist for safe drinking water quality as established by EPA, the American Public Health Association (APHA), and the American Water Works Association (AWWA); they have set limits for heterotrophic bacteria of <500 CFU/mL of drinking water (341,342). Thus, the number of bacteria in water used as a coolant/irrigant for nonsurgical dental procedures should be as low as reasonably achievable and, at a minimum, <500 CFU/mL, the regulatory standard for safe drinking water established by EPA and APHA/AWWA.

We are not connected with any government agency, or regulatory entity. We are completely independent and able to help you without reporting to ANYONE. We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal or company interests, and we guarantee the highest levels of security


North Georgia's Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals


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