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Our information comes from the most trustworthy sources available. The Centers for Disease Control, University Researchers, Not for Profit Research Entities such as Consumer Report, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, The Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications, The United States Geological Survey, and numerous other reliable sources.


How to start your own water bottling facility And earn an income from your own "natural resource"


AWSA Bottled Water Plant Startup Package

"How to Bottle Water-Where to Start, How to Decide & How to Do It"

 Hardcopy ($275.00 plus S&H)---> 

DVD ($238.00 plus S&H)--->



 If you are not serious about starting a bottling facility, don't purchase this package. But if you are seriously considering such an enterprise, we estimate it will save you 60 to 80 hours of searching, false starts, phone calls, wading through misinformation before you realize it is not correct or outdated, etc.. If your time is worth money, then this is well worth the purchase price!!! So spring into action and order it! This package provides you with the critical information you need to know if you want to start your own water bottling plant. It includes current Federal and State Laws on testing, purification, classification of different source and product waters (ex spring, drinking, mineral etc.), labeling requirements, water treatment requirements, basic design of facilities, etc..


One big advantage to this approach is that all the information you need is gathered together in one place for you to review. You don't need to know which regulatory entities, government agencies, laboratories, etc. to contact to get critical information you need to make a decision. It is all in the package, and if you have any questions you may call - and we guarantee you will speak to a person - to get answers. You save a tremendous amount of footwork and time and can get right down to deciding whether this is a smart move for you. We can even provide information on how to write a business plan that will help you get your business off the ground.


The package also alerts you to resources for more information and equipment and supplies, that will make the process, should you decide to go ahead with starting your own bottled water company, virtually painless. We have found that individuals who have little knowledge about water chemistry, purification devices, etc. can enjoy a great deal of success with just the right professional guidance, so purchase of the package also includes limited telephone / or email consultation / Question & Answer sessions with Dr. Essich.


In addition, for the fees posted elsewhere on this site, our experts on water quality and purification can perform some preliminary testing and determine exactly what you need to do to purify or treat your source water. In fact, you may wish to do this before anything else to determine whether or not you have a viable water source. Or if it has some special properties that might make it more marketable. We work with our clients to fill in the gaps in knowledge and experience, to help them start a successful enterprise. And we guarantee complete confidentiality - so if you are exploring possibilities that you may not want a competitor to know about, we are a great resource.


If you live outside a 25 mile radius of Cleveland, Georgia you may opt for a FREE telephone conference or pay travel expenses to meet after you have had a chance to review the packet.


Things to Consider


How to Get Started

Building Permits



Local ; State; Federal - Regulations

Protect Source - what is the source? Does it have special curative or healing properties, or a unique taste?

Is supply sufficient?

Source Water and Product Water Testing -

What you will  be required by law to test for.

How often you will be required by law to test.

Which labs are authorized and certified to do the testing you need.

What you can expect to need to test for in the intervals between the legally required testing.

Approximately what it will cost you.

Facility Construction Design and Materials, which allows cost estimates

Purification Equipment Commercial Availability & Approximate cost



Labeling - Regulations



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