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The basic water test


We  interpret your test results and advise you on:

how to purify your water/air

whether or not your water/air needs treatment

which treatment may help and how to do it



$198.00 Extended EPA Panel: Pre-purchase / Pre-installation Testing

Includes site visit, inspection (or telephone interview & consult), Coliforms, E. coli; and all the following using the most accurate technology currently available:

Microscopic exam by a qualified professional microbiologist; Coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria; other bacteria if they become evident during testing / examination; Temperature; Conductivity (electrical conductivity); pH; Nitrate (NO3); Total Dissolved Solids (TDS); Color; Turbidity; Free Chlorine (Cl); Total Chlorine; Total Hardness; Total Alkalinity; Phosphorus (P); Potassium (K); Calcium (Ca); Magnesium (Mg); Manganese (Mn); Iron (Fe); Aluminum (Al); Boron (B); Copper (Cu); Zinc (Zn); Sodium (Na); Nitrogen (N); Chromium (Cr); Molybdenum (Mo); Chloride (Cl); Fluoride (Fl); Phosphate (PO4); Sulfate (SO4)

only $198.00
what is your family's health and safety worth?


It is no accident that we have selected these specific chemicals as part of our recommended testing. We have researched and studied water problems and treatments in the USA and North Georgia very carefully and this list does not include any unnecessary chemical parameters. Check with us and we will explain why each one has been chosen before you go to Home Depot,  Lowe's or another store and buy something you don't need.

 The typical "Basic" Water test includes:

Coliforms, pH, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Al, B, Cu, Zn, Na, Si, Cd, Ni, Cr, Mo, and Hardness (Click here to see table for abbreviations)

Parameters that are important, but NOT included are:

Anions: especially phosphate, sulfate, and nitrate ....... agricultural or domestic fertilizers or animal and human waste is the usual source of phosphate and nitrate.   Nitrate is a common contaminant and is known to be toxic and should be tested at least annually.

A complete Anion panel usually includes: Chloride, Fluoride, Phosphate, Sulfate, and Nitrate

Turbidity..........bacteria, sediment, and certain other pollutants contribute to turbidity. Turbidity inactivates disinfectants like chlorine, clogs and inactivates filters and purification devices


Total Dissolved excellent annual "screen" for changes in water quality. This year's value should be the same next time you test. If it is not, something major has happened to your water. Baseline values are important to establish. Do it yourself


Saturation Index (SI) a measure of how corrosive water is to fixtures, plumbing, pump, water heaters, metal pipes, or how likely it is to cause scaling - form deposits on heating elements, pipes, etc which can lead to clogging and malfunctions


Each well in North Georgia should be tested at least once for:

Arsenic (Cost Est. $50 - $75)...........see United States Geological Survey Data below. We already know that there ARE wells in White County that have arsenic in them. What about yours?

Lead (Cost Est. $45 - $75)...........see United States Geological Survey Data below

Mercury (Cost Est. $50 - $100)...........see United States Geological Survey Data below


Water Fact #1: "These contaminants are odorless, tasteless, colorless, and essentially undetectable by human senses. Only testing will discover them."

Coliform bacteria and E. coli (a fecal coliform bacterium). The EPA recommends annual testing for these two parameters as well as pH, TDS, and others.


Chlorine: Residual (Free) and Total Chlorine levels.......especially if bacterial testing is being done. Chlorine can produce FALSE negative results and should always be done at the same time as coliform and E. coli tests.


Microscopic exam by a qualified microbiologist...... to detect otherwise undetectable health risks and provide additional important information about water quality. This is usually not available because of a lack of qualified microbiologists.




Water Fact #2: If it is in the soil, it WILL eventually wind up in the water.

Consider this when you review the following USGS data.


The United States Geological Survey provides the following data about Minerals and Metals in our soil:





In White County Georgia, the following Mineral / Metal Profile suggests testing the water for elements other than what is included in just the "Basic" water test is a good idea:


So we recommend the following "Basic" Water Test:

If you have not had a water test previously, then your first water test should include ALL of the following:


E. coli (or fecal coliforms)

Microscopic exam by a qualified professional microbiologist


Conductivity (electrical conductivity)


Nitrate (NO3)

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)



Free Chlorine (Cl)

Total Chlorine

Total Hardness

Total Alkalinity

Phosphorus (P)

Potassium (K)

Calcium (Ca)

Magnesium (Mg)

Manganese (Mn)

Iron (Fe)

Aluminum (Al)

Boron (B)

Copper (Cu)

Zinc (Zn)

Sodium (Na)

Cadmium (Cd)

Nitrogen (N)

Chromium (Cr)

Molybdenum (Mo)

Chloride (Cl)

Fluoride (Fl)

Phosphate (PO4)

Sulfate (SO4)


Because of the geology of the region, if you live in North Georgia you should also have your drinking water tested for: 

Arsenic (we have already found wells in use that have arsenic in excess of EPA guidelines)




The results of this series of tests may indicate that there is NO need for any treatment of your water. In that case the EPA recommends annual retesting for a more limited group of parameters, which are less expensive. Annual retesting is a must, because groundwater flow is constantly changing, especially with all the new building, well drilling, old wells being closed etc. So your water this year may be fine, but in a few weeks you may be getting very different water from your well. Annual testing gives you some assurance that your water is still safe. And it is affordable!!!


We recommend and offer an annual test for $98.00 that includes:



E. coli and fecal coliforms

Microscopic exam by a qualified professional microbiologist


Conductivity (electrical conductivity)



Total Dissolved Solids



Free Chlorine

Total Chlorine

Total Hardness

Total Alkalinity


 Reduced rates available for multiple tests- please inquire at 

If you already have the results from all these tests, we will be happy to review and analyze your results and make recommendations for a nominal fee of $45.00. Just fax us a copy of the results you have and request a "Water Quality / Treatment Analysis and Report". This is a very inexpensive way to get a professional opinion from an unbiased water treatment specialist. We can also give you information on what purification devices, if any, are needed so you will know exactly what to shop for and why.


Please note: Water testing is a little like cross country trucking. If you ask for several small loads to be taken cross country it will cost much more than if you take it all in one load. This is because fuel costs and overhead are assessed for each trip. By the same token, it is cheaper to run 6 different water tests at once than to run each one separately. Hence, group testing, as is suggested here is much cheaper than doing the same tests individually. You get the benefit of these savings if you order the recommended groups, and also get all the information you need to make an informed decision.



Here is a list of possible treatment and conditioning methods:

  Mechanical or Sedimentation Filtration

  Activated Carbon Filtration

  Oxidation Filtration

  Neutralizing Filtration

  Reverse Osmosis or Membrane Filtration


  Ultra-violet Treatment

  Water Softener or Cation Exchange

 Chlorination Disinfection



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We are not connected with any government agency, or regulatory entity. We are completely independent and able to help you without reporting to ANYONE. We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal or company interests, and we guarantee the highest levels of security


North Georgia's Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals


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