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Use Our Trade Secret Protected "Indicator Solution" and "Filter Rejuvenator"

1.  Use one to two drops of our "Indicator Solution" into the filter when you filter your water.
this will indicate how pure the product water is for only pennies per test

2. Use one measure of our "Filter Rejuvination" compound which, if used correctly, will

A.  Make your filters 100 to 10,000 more effective at removing contaminants
B.  Increase the longevity of your filter by weeks to months so you have to buy fewer        filters
C.  For only 50 cents per addition

If you would like to know more please email us at

(we do not use email addresses for ANY purpose except to respond to owner-originated queries)


Indicator solution was added to 1 quart of water then filtered. Notice the light green color in the filtrate and glass next to the filter apparatus. This means that contaminants are coming through the brand new PUR filter. If the filter is working to remove all contaminants, the filtrate (water that has been filtered) will be completely colorless.




This image shows the addition of the Rejuvenator Compound to the water with indicator (green). The compound is added, the container shaken a few times, the mixture is poured into the filter as usual.


Discard contaminated residue - see clear water

Note that after filtration the water in the filter receptacle is now completely cleared of any color. This demonstrates that the Rejuvenator Compound removes much more contaminant than the filter alone. The contaminants are attached to the residue in the filter apparatus and can safely be rinsed down the drain.

The residue is black because it is a charcoal based purifier and it can, like charcoal stain some plastics. Avoid problems by pouring directly into drain, or, like egg shells, it is perfectly safe to dispose in your garden. It did not stain out PUR filter apparatus, which can be rinsed clean in seconds.

Try it yourself. Purchase Indicator Solution, 1 Liter Nalgene Container, and at least a 1 month family supply of Rejuvenator Compound in Gelatin Capsules for $23.99 plus S&H.

Purchase our RIK (rejuvenator-indicator kit) for $23.99
the indicator solution only for $7.38 plus S&H (~$2.50)

New Filters are Expensive. You will save more far more by rejuvenating than by buying filters, and the indicator compound will tell you exactly when you need to replace the filter.




Test your own water

A.   VOM_Cable_Adapter --> answers important questions about the quality of your source water and lets you test your filtered water

  1. Allows you to test your water daily, with a reliable test, at NO cost

  2. Allows you to determine whether your Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit is working properly or not.

  3. Allows you to know for sure when the RO membrane / cartridge needs to be replaced

  4. Lets you determine whether your tap water supply has become contaminated

  5. Lets you determine what the concentration of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is in any water you test

  6. Lets you know if your water is hard or soft

  7. Is electronic and Is reusable tens of thousands of times

  8. Costs only $19.95

B.   Charcoal Filter Test Solution (CFTS)

  1. Lets you test your countertop water filters to see if they are working properly

  2.  Works for any brand of countertop activated charcoal or activated carbon or carbon filter (Brita, AquaPure, Pur etc)

  3. Lets you test to know if the filter is removing contaminants or whether the water is just passing through and not being purified. This is the most common filter defect for these kinds of filters.

  4. Lets you test to know exactly when you should replace your filter cartridge

  5. It is very easy to use (just add a few drops to the water before you pour it into the filter device) and very inexpensive. It's so effective that you will probably be surprised when you use it.

  6. It will let you know whether or not you should change the type of filter you are using to purify your water.

  7. Has been scientifically tested and proven to work to detect even small amounts of contaminants leaking through the filter

  8. Can be used for testing the effectiveness of field charcoal and chlorine, perchlorate, or iodine based water purification units (used when camping or backpacking) while actually purifying the water. It's really cool, and comforting to know that the water purification device you are using is actually working - before you drink the water

  9. A single 4 ml dropper bottle costs only $7.38 will be enough to test more than 50 liters of water

C.   Water Sample Collection Bottles

These are the proper containers for mineral and metals water tests and

Can also be used to carry drinking water for hiking or camping)

D.   What you should test your well water for each year!!!

E.   Sample It Yourself At HOME - then mail it to us

F.   Additional Available Microbiological Testing

G.  Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Coliform, Fecal coliforms test for $85.00

Please Note: "In 1987, 13,000 people in Carrollton, Georgia, became ill with cryptosporidiosis. This was the first report of its spread through a municipal water system that met all state and federal drinking water standards. In the spring of 1993 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, municipal drinking water, again within standards, was contaminated with Cryptosporidium. An estimated 400,000 people became ill, and the disease contributed to the deaths of some AIDS patients." We have an excellent article on Cryptosporidium that we can send you by email. Just contact us and we will forward it to you.

If you are a North Georgia resident and want us to come to your location and collect a sample and do the analysis, you can still use this page to make your purchase by credit card if you like.

Many of the products we are selling on this page are available for the first time anywhere. You will not be able to find them anywhere else. Give them a try, and if you like them let us know and email this page to a friend. All our products have been tested and proven to work. If you are not satisfied, simply return the unused portion and we will refund your full purchase price.

Test Your Own Water Daily, Weekly, Monthly,  at NO cost, Using our VOM Cable Adapter

Works for ANY water supply - tap water, well water, municipal water, pond, lake or stream - is electronic, inexpensive, reliable, and reusable

Total Dissolved Solids is an EPA Recommended Test - If you have a Voltage-Ohmmeter (VOM) we have an adapter that will allow you to perform this test on your water as often as you like at home on your tap water - it works with municipal or well water. If you see a significant change in this parameter it means you water supply has been contaminated / interrupted and you should boil your drinking water and conduct further investigation or testing to determine the cause. This is a great test for people on a  municipal / city water supply because it allows them to test as often as they like, with instant results, for factors they cannot see, smell, or taste in the water that is distributed to their homes. It can warn of water main breaks or breaches as well as many other potential problems with their drinking water.

The EPA recommends testing every year at least once for TDS (among other parameters). If you hire someone or send your water to a commercial laboratory to do this test it will cost at least $40.00. Thanks to new alloys and microelectronics AWSA has invented an adapter that you can use with any VOM that allows you to monitor TDS as often as you like for the one-time cost of $19.95. If you are not completely satisfied simply return the adapter and we will refund your purchase price. Comes with instructions for use. (If you do not own a VOM you can get a good one for $20 - $40 at Radio Shack or an Electronic Components Supplier)

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Connect the adapter cable to the VOM as shown.    2. Place the probe in your water.     3. Turn your VOM on, allow 3 minutes for warm-up and equilibration and take the reading.

VOM Cable Adapter For Testing Your Own Water - ONLY $19.95

Please NOTE: The EPA recently added the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) test to its list of tests that homeowners / well owners / drinking water suppliers should be doing annually or more frequently. This is a great test for people receiving water from the city or county too. (Check with the EPA to confirm this).  A commercial lab will charge you $15.00 to $40.00 for a single TDS test. This ADAPTER allows you to do it for $19.95 and repeat it as often as you like for FREE!!!  If you purchase an ADAPTER, and send us a water sample, we will do one professional pH & TDS test of your drinking water and provide you the results FOR FREE!!!

Typical Setup: note - VOM, Timer, and Glass NOT included in purchase price

Read the number on the VOM and record it. What you see here is a typical value for our Tap water (59 Kohms), which referring to the table above, means we have an approximate TDS value of 80 PPM.


Test Your Water As Often As You Like Between the EPA Recommended Annual Tests, and Monitor for Changes Without Paying For Retesting Each Time

VOM Cable Adapter With Instructions for Use: On Sale for only $19.95 plus $3.50 S&H in continental US

                            You Do Not Need a PayPal Account To Use This Feature                       


Examples of some uses for the VOM Cable Adapter:

1. High VOM resistance values indicate soft water (see table above)

2. Extremely high VOM resistance values indicate water has been distilled or deionized (You can test store-bought water to determine whether or not it has been properly distilled or deionized.

3. Low VOM resistance values indicate high mineral/metal content

4. Monitor your source water quality: Values should remain consistent from day to day - if not, something may be contaminating your water supply or your water source may be changing. If this is the case you should inquire with your water department or check your well water for further signs of contamination. Coliform testing should be done promptly.

5. Monitor your water purification devices. Readings change as certain filters and purification devices become exhausted. If you use the VOM Cable Adapter you can monitor the quality of the water coming from your distillation apparatus, reverse osmosis system to determine whether or not it is working effectively and how pure your water is. Can warn of clogging, channeling, or exhaustion of water softeners.


Want Greater Accuracy and Precision? Click here for instructions.

Charcoal Filter Test Solution (CFTS =  Indicator Solution) 

Is my countertop charcoal / carbon, water filter - brand removing contaminants effectively or is it exhausted, channeling, defective or too small?

Especially great if you are purifying water of unknown origin / quality in the field or at home - don't risk your health. Be sure your water is pure!

If you are wondering whether your charcoal (taste & odor filter, activated carbon filter) is working properly just add several drops of this solution to the water before you pour it into your purification device. If the water comes out colorless the filter is working properly.

If the water has a green color after it has gone through the filter, the filter is exhausted, or not working properly and needs to be replaced.

This product will reveal filter defects such as exhaustion, channeling, saturation, and ineffective filtration. Use in any countertop or field (camping) filtration device that contains a charcoal or activated carbon filter. (Ex. Britta, Pur, GE, etc)



                  $7.38 + $2.50 for S&H                           

Full Refund if Not 100% Satisfied

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Charcoal Filter Test Solution (CFTS = Indicator Solution)

  Product Description and Use

  Great choice! ALL charcoal filters diminish in effectiveness with each use as they become loaded with the contaminants they are removing from your water. This product will allow you to see with the naked eye, when your filter is exhausted. It will also allow you to see whether or not you are using your filter correctly. If not, the product water (flow through that you drink) will be stained green. When the water comes through with a green color, then organic contaminants are no longer being removed effectively and you need to change filters. Very simple. Very direct. Very accurate. The filter companies don't want you to have this because it will let you see exactly what their filter is doing and determine which filter is best for your water - and it may not be their own.

Youíve bought a charcoal purification device from WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, REI or another camping equipment retailer. Maybe a Brita, or a Pur, a Katadyn Hiker Filter or an MSR MiniWorks EX filter, or a Sawyer or even a First Need Base Camp Purifier or something for your RV or kitchen countertop.

How do you know that the water coming out of the filter has actually been purified? You canít look at it and know! Or maybe you can. Add just one or two drops of CFTS (our proprietary charcoal filter test solution) per liter / quart of water before purification, and if the water comes out of the filter clear and uncolored, you can be sure it has been properly purified by the charcoal. You can actually see that the filter worked properly!

 You can do this each time you filter or periodically to check the condition of the filter. All filters become exhausted. All of them become exhausted at different rates depending on filter and conditions of use and other factors. This test guarantees an accurate measure of the ability of the filter, at any age, or in any condition, to remove organic contaminants from the water. This includes objectionable odors, tastes, colors, volatile organic compounds such as gasoline, stove fuels, oils, and pesticides, herbicides, as well as other toxic compounds. If the filter removes the CFTS then it will remove other contaminants just as effectively.

 This solution also works to accurately test the condition of home and recreational vehicle countertop water filters that contain an activated carbon / charcoal / solid block carbon / granular carbon filter. For example PUR, Brita, and Omni units, among others. No more guessing at when to change the filter. Anything you pour water into for purpose of purification and that claims to contain activated charcoal or carbon can be tested using the CFTS. And it tests directly for removal of the substance the filter is supposed to remove, not indirectly as all existing monitoring devices that come with the filter systems do. So you know if the color is gone, the contaminants are gone too.

 Try it! If you are not satisfied, return the remainder of the product to us within 20 days for a FULL REFUND of the purchase price. If you like it, tell your friends about it. Our web site is the ONLY place where this product is available. We are a small enterprise, supporting innovative new ideas and rely upon success with our clients to be able to continue developing new products. Your money goes directly to supporting the inventors and research to come up with more new ideas!

Comes with full instructions for use.

Note: CFTS does NOT indicate biological purity. Proper use of chlorine based chemicals, iodine based purification systems, or boiling will remove those impurities. However, CFTS will indicate whether or not the toxic byproducts of these chemical purification systems are being removed. So you can feel secure after using chlorination to purify your water, that the levels of suspect carcinogenic byproducts of chlorination have been reduced in that water.

This solution is safe for human consumption and while it is unlikely to occur, we are not responsible for any discoloration of the water purification apparatus, nor any adverse reactions had by individuals drinking the test solution.

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Water Sample Collection Bottles

100 ml Coliform Bottle - Sterile, Sealed --> for Coliform and E. coli tests


                     only $5.62 each plus S&H                               

Remember - using the wrong kind of sample bottle or one contaminated by prior use for other purposes will give you incorrect and inaccurate results. Also, if you do not test for chlorine levels at the same time you may get false negative results!

500 ml and 1 Liter Nalgene bottles for standard (= basic) water tests which includes multiple parameters BUT NOT pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, or organic substances (VOC's or SOC's).


Leftmost: 100 milliliter Fecal Coliform Bottle; Center 500 milliliter physical/chemical testing; Right 1000 milliliter (=1 Liter) for physical and chemical testing: Note the 1/2 Liter and 1 Liter bottles are the same Nalgene bottles used by hikers to carry water, but we sell them at lower prices.

You will need two of these bottles (Center Bottle) if expanded mineral testing is to be done

These bottles are NOT appropriate for bacterial, pesticide, herbicide, or testing for organic contaminants. For that you should use Glass containers

    500 milliliter bottles only $9.98 ea plus S&H     


1000 milliliter (1 Liter ~ 1 quart) Nalgene Bottle only $13.13 plus S&H

With few exceptions our products are invented, developed and made right here in Cleveland, GA - in the USA. We currently have a patent pending for one invention and have several others in the pipeline. We are currently seeking angel investors to support our research efforts and the marketing of one of our inventions. Our profits are used to develop new products that will make it possible for the "average guy" to monitor the safety of his own drinking water.

Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction. All shipping & handling charges apply to US customers only. Outside US, please call for quote.

We are not connected with any government agency, or regulatory entity. We are completely independent and able to help you without reporting to ANYONE. We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal or company interests, and we guarantee the highest levels of security

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Rapid results - At Home. Free Ground Shipping!!

Excellent for Well and Municipal Sources

If you must use test strips...This is the only AWSA Approved Do-It-Yourself Water Test Kit.  Includes Bacteria (E. coli / Coliforms), pesticides (Atrazine to 3ppb and Simazine to 4ppb), Nitrates, Nitrites Chlorine, pH, Hardness, Lead





Free Shipping!


Since we have been hearing complaints about some of the area installers / sellers of Water Filters and Purification Equipment, we have sought and found alternatives for people living in the North Georgia and North Metro Atlanta area!!! How would you like to be able to pick up your own equipment and have a plumber install it for you? Or better yet - do it yourself. Check with us today!!


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To Date Our Clients Have Included:

Law Firms

Municipal and Public Water Treatment Systems


Private Water Treatment Systems

Private Individuals and families

Swimming Pool Installation and Maintenance Companies

Hot Tub Installation and Maintenance Companies

Engineering Firms

Certified Water Analysis Laboratories

Manufacturers of Water Treatment Filters

Manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis Systems

International Water Treatment Device Manufacturers and Installers

Manufacturers of Siding and Exterior Surface Samples


Construction Contractors and Developers - we are certified!

check with us $50 turbidity tests and for pre-approval of proposed water purification systems and recommendations for better, more appropriate, or less expensive systems - we have saved people thousands$$$

Real Estate Companies


The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration has used some of our web material and photographs in their presentations at national meetings.


We have been invited to write a section in a National Water Quality Encyclopedia

and have multiple other certifications and qualifications we can provide you...

....And by the way, many of our clients have volunteered to provide us with references - so if you still aren't sure about us, let us know and we'll let you talk with people who know us!! Also, we can recommend that you research our company on line. We know you will find us the kind of people you would want to do business with!

Statement of Value and Integrity

What We Can Do For You

What Makes Us Different


Home Water Filters

Summary of Services

"If you haven't heard about some of our concepts and strategies, don't be surprised. Cutting edge work is like that. No one has ever heard of it...."

Quote 2004

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? We work only for you!!!

We do not serve two masters. Our clients get complete confidentiality and all the information they need plus professional guidance from someone whose sole purpose is to serve this clients' best interests.

Statement of Value and Integrity

In the water treatment field knowing what to do, knowing which tests to perform, understanding and interpreting the laboratory results correctly, and understanding the details of water chemistry and purification technologies are absolutely necessary if you are going to be successful in identifying water quality problems and purifying your water.

We are much more than just a laboratory

  1. we believe that value = price + quality of service; anyone can do lab tests, but no one provides the services, guidance, and support we do
  2. we perform important tests no one else performs
  3. we perform tests on site that no one else performs
  4. we have expertise no single laboratory or government agency provides
  5. we provide professional services no one else provides
  6. we provide technical support no laboratory or government agency provides
  7. we provide guidance in purchasing the right equipment and purification media that no laboratory or other company provides
  8. all our testing is done by certified laboratories and individuals only
  9. we are the BEST at what we do

 If you donít have the expertise, donít be shy about getting help. We do it every day when we hire home inspectors, plumbers, doctors, attorneys, nurses, mechanics, and others who have expertise we do not have.

Anyone can have the lab tests done, if only we knew which ones were important to do!! Anyone can read the results, but what do they mean? This is something beyond most peopleís expertise. And finally, the cure. What should it be? What are the alternatives? Which is best for me?

What do these professionals sell? Their expertise, experience, knowledge which they obtained through long years of expensive education, and service. We pay them to keep up with the latest information, solutions, and to continue to find better ways to do things. This is how we view our business too!!! We are not like most government agencies that can take decades to make changes that are needed and continue to give the same advice long after it is outdated. Nor do we "guess" at the best course of action.

 How do you know we are qualified? Check our credentials. Who would spend 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a Ph.D. and then risk losing credibility over a few dollars? Our credentials are the best you can get, and verifiable. So you can trust us to get it right for you.

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            To perform NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) monitoring for erosion control and storm water discharge, site inspections, turbidity measurements, and reporting. Review of Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans. And we hold the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, Georgia State Water Conservation Commissions "Fundamentals of Erosion and Sedimentation Control" Certificate.



Site visits are not always necessary!  Forward samples direct to us. Call us for full details or click here

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These prices, our turnaround times, and the accompanying professional services are the best you can get anywhere. WE GUARANTEE IT






North Georgia's Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals


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