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The Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals in North Georgia - 

     "From Pollution to Solution"   
We test your air, water & soil and AND provide you with Remediation solutions /Filtration/air Purification advice- not like other labs

We Serve Individuals, Municipalities and Industry

All our testing for reporting purposes is done in certified laboratories

FAST results - overnight (36 hours) for coliform bacteria, E. coli, fecal coliforms, lead, arsenic, nitrate,
nitrite, phosphate, sulfate, sodium, chloride, Turbidity, TDS & many others

additional "rush" fees apply for overnight results

P.O. Box 3364     Cleveland, Georgia  30528 USA     1_706_892_6036

CONSUMERS SHOULD BE AWARE THAT FREE WATER TESTS and the Quickie water tests found in Home Improvement Stores  CANNOT and DO NOT DETECT MOST OF THE TOXIC SUBSTANCES AND DISEASE CAUSING ORGANISMS THAT MAY HARM THEM!!! OUR ANALYSES DO!!! Also, you should know that virtually all tap water you receive from municipal sources is treated sewage-testing it just makes good sense?


How important is testing your water these days? Important enough that.............

  • Adoption agencies require water testing before they will approve adoptions.

  • The FHA and other lenders require water tests (by law) before allowing the sale of a home. This is done to protect the buyer and is currently considered inadequate by many.

  • The EPA recommends testing your well water at least once a year because underground waterflow can radically affect your water quality. This is done to protect the consumer. (The EPA recently added the test for Total Dissolved Solids to its recommended annual tests of drinking water) AND


    • Did you know that virtually all the drinking water provided by municipal water plants (except where wells are used) is just treated sewage that has come from a sewage treatment plant, been discharged into streams, then used by water treatment plants, re-treated and sent to the consumer? And you don't want water testing or in-home treatment? Testing tells you what is left in the water after purification and we tell you how you need to treat your water IF it needs treatment at all.

And, by the way:

  • Free Water Tests are a Fraud: Every company that does water tests is trying to sell you something else - EXCEPT US!!! Did your neighbors get one of those expensive water treatment / softening systems because someone who sells those systems tested their water for free and told them they need it? The tests they use are unreliable and inaccurate!! Be smart - have us test your water, get an unbiased, independent opinion and find out what you really need - we have saved people thousands of dollars because they were willing to spend a few for professional tests and advice and learned that they did not need a filtration system, or needed something much less expensive than the companies selling the systems had recommended!

  • We believe our most important asset is accurate information gained by years of education, research, and experience.  Check out our sources of information. If you rely on us, you will know you are "doing it right". If you rely on the clerk at the home improvement store and quickie water tests for your information you will get exactly what you paid for....

We are not connected with any government agency, or regulatory entity. We are completely independent and able to help you without reporting to ANYONE. We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal or company interests, and we guarantee the highest levels of security

Travel Fees Apply to All Sampling Events - Even If Site is Not Ready for Sampling

RT Travel < 30 miles

(20 to sampler)


RT Travel 30 50 miles

(35 to sampler)


RT Travel 50 70 miles

(50 to sampler)


RT Travel greater than 70 miles: add $91 plus $0.50 per mile over 70 miles

(0.40/mi to sampler)

0.50 / mile

Serving The Nation and Locally Cleveland, Helen, Dahlonega, Gainesville, Clarkesville, Blairsville, Clayton,
Tiger, Cornelia, Sautee, Nacoochee,
Dawsonville, Hiawassee, Blue Ridge
White County, Hall County, Dawson County, Habersham County, Lumpkin County
Union County, Rabun County


North Georgia's Only Independent Water Treatment Professionals


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